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Subscribe to this thread Hunting Party created by Scottieboy2020 on November 15, 2015

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Scottieboy202011/15/15 8:35pm
(RP between me and TalkedSpy)
*Walking towards nearby cave system*
You know, I've been wondering: How heavy is that combat suit?

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TalkedSpy11/16/15 7:15pm
I...don't really know to be honest. I mean, if you compare my suit to, say, Master Chief's, his armor weighs at about half a ton, and me....I don't even know all the specs on this thing, really.

All I know for sure is that I need to change the fusion core battery every 4 days of use, reload the grenades and missiles on the wrists and shoulders if needed, clean and maintenance it, and.....that's pretty much it, basically.

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Scottieboy202011/16/15 7:54pm
Just curious. Me, I'm wearing light leather armor so I have a good mix of speed and defense. It's enough to block a few hits, but nothing too serious. When you look at most MMO or RPG games, I'd be a rogue or hunter kind of guy--all speed and attack, but relatively low defense, you know?

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Scottieboy202011/17/15 4:54pm
*15 minutes later*
Hey, look, Jason's back. *Jason lands on my shoulder, growling slightly*
How many? *Displays a few wing-feathers* five? Not too bad... Let's go TS, we've got Nightmares to kill!

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TalkedSpy11/17/15 8:31pm
*puts arm in front of Scottie*


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Scottieboy202011/18/15 1:32pm
*Pulls out sniper*
I'm going to distract them, then hover and start sniping. You've got one window, I suggest you use it wisely. Jason, find some cover!

*Runs, while Jason flies off somewhere.*

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TalkedSpy11/19/15 4:52am
......I didn't even finish my sentence.....

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Scottieboy202011/19/15 11:55am
*skids to a stop*

Alright, what were you going to say?

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TalkedSpy12/5/15 5:40pm
OH, wait, is 69 now.

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Scottieboy202012/5/15 7:45pm
...Remind me to kill you later, just for saying that.
You could have used any number in the known universe, but you had to pick that one.


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TalkedSpy12/6/15 2:35pm
Now it's back to 69 420.....

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Scottieboy202012/7/15 4:12am
Ok, now you're just doing this to tick me off.
Why are you only picking impossible numbers?

...Here, lets put this system to good use.
What do the dice say...?
4 5 2
Total: 11

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Scottieboy202012/7/15 4:13am
See? They came up with eleven.
That's eleven Nightmares to fight.
Shall we slay?

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TalkedSpy12/7/15 4:59pm
679.....oh no, wait, it sky rocketed to 1738 now!!!

*keeps checking - gasps*

OH MY GLOB, IT'S OVER 9,000!!!!

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AlphaMoron12/7/15 5:06pm
(so wait... why is this in roleplay? is it open or does pm not work?)

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