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Subscribe to this thread RWBY and Rooster Teeth created by Hakuzo on November 14, 2015

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Hakuzo11/14/15 1:40am
Season 3 is well underway now and the battles are epic.

Now RWBY has a greenlit game on steam.

How do you guys see the franchise going now that the creator passed away?

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ezioauditore9711/14/15 3:41pm
I think it has a bright future and I'm glad Rooster Teeth's keeping Monty's creation alive and well. :)

The game had ought to be pretty fun! I can see all sorts of possibilities for it given the staggering popularity of the series.

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Hakuzo11/14/15 6:55pm
From my understanding, the game is 4 player co-op and plays similar to devil may cry or the castlevania game on the 360.

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Prometheus11/15/15 10:02pm
I'm really enjoying the story. Likeable characters and concepts, but I share the sentiments of the 4chan crowd when it comes to the action sequences. The live-action work has gotten really choppy and less smooth and fluent since the first two volumes. It doesn't really feel the same without Monty's choreography in there.

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Hakuzo11/16/15 1:53am
I think it's more of the art style. Season one had vastly untextured backgrounds and simplicity. Now there's more dynamic background stuff going on.

Pretty much a focus shift happens through out the series.

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