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Subscribe to this thread Connecting the Dream World to the Real World created by Dawonguy on November 11, 2015

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Dawonguy11/11/15 5:00pm
I've started theorizing about this on another thread, but I think this topic might be big enough to justify having it's own thread. I guess for now I should stick to what we know for now (from GNS volumes 1-3 as well as the prelude)

Gladinion Wars:
I'm thinking that this is the DK equivalent of Star Wars which had the first 3 (parts 4-6) out on VHS by 1983 and many other releases and re-releases since then, more notably, a trilogy special edition released in 1997.

Kill of Duty 5:
Very likely the DK equilavent of Call of Duty which didn't have it's first release until 2003 and 5th release (Modern Warfare 2) until 2009. This one kind of messes with my timeline the most from before as it would be 10 years ahead of it's time.

The Joy of Painting with Rick Zinger:
No doubt that Rehab Rick is at least an allusion to Bob Ross who had his show with the same title air from 1983 to 1994.

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TalkedSpy11/12/15 3:54pm
Dawon.......the 5th installment of the COD franchise was World at War, which came out before MW2.

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Dawonguy11/12/15 5:09pm
My bad. I was getting rough estimates on time through wikipedia, and yeah, I should have looked a bit closer on that. Anyway, World at War was released in 2008 which kind of doesn't change much.

Hmm... Maybe I've got the wrong game franchise with that one... I know it looks like an obvious connection, but it would change some things. Okay, so say if Kill of Duty was just an accidental exception to the time line or a parallel to another game (there were other FPSs), the rest of what I got would put the events of the GNS in the mid to late 1990s. As for where I was thinking this could be going is that with enough time, we would get to the year 2001 which had the destruction of the Twin Towers which could mean the destruction of Sabbaton Tower in the DK world. And if Calah=Clinton like in my theory from before, then that means that Lilith will likely end up with Ezven also possibly the father of Jeneviv and Kalei succeeding Viscount Calah (for reasons I could explain). But perhaps I was just getting ahead of myself.

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Scottieboy202011/12/15 7:31pm
@Dawonguy--wait, if calah=clinton then who was Namah???

@TalkedSpy--Of course you know that... XP

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TalkedSpy11/12/15 7:49pm

Pretty much most gamers from the 2000's should already know that by now. It's not that hard of a thing to figure out. :P

Besides that, I could see some resemblance between the Viscount and Clinton, but just to note, Clinton doesn't have any foster children to what I know of. However, of course, not everything in the DK world is going to have similar connections to ours.

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Dawonguy11/12/15 8:10pm
@Scottie: Well, there was the "Lewinsky Scandel" which involved Bill Clinton having a sexual relationship outside of his marriage and eventually lead to his impeachment. Looking at the Wikipedia page, I'm not seeing anything about an illegitimate child in the scandel, but if Namah were to expose the fact that she's an illegitimate child of the viscount, the effect wouldn't be too different.

@TalkedSpy: I was never really into the COD franchise.

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Dawonguy11/19/15 3:04pm
Okay, going to try to keep the connections in here.

Dreamkeeper-human connections so far:
Calah = Clinton
Jeneviv and Kalei =?= Barbara and Jenna Bush (daughters of former president George W Bush)

I'm still having trouble finding the counterpart to Igrath. All we know is that he's an uncle to Lilith and Namah which could mean he's a brother of the viscount, Lilith's "biological" mother, Namah's "biological" mother, or Tinsel. Half of which may not even be related to the Clintons in the real world. Let me know if you got any leads. (I think Igrath is the viscount's brother, but I'm having trouble finding the evidence for that.)

I think it goes without saying that Mace, Whip, Bast, etc could still be anyone in the real world.

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Dawonguy12/20/15 3:20pm
I brought the theory up to Dave on Twitter, and here's some of the responces:
Me: @Dreamkeepers Is Viscount Calah meant to be the DreamWorld equivalent of Bill Clinton? (I have a theory which leads to that conclusion)

Dave: @PotatoStereo Not explicitly, but I think the Clinton era colored my view of politicians, and heavily influenced the character.

Me: @Dreamkeepers So would that make Lilith the Dreamworld counterpart to Chelsea Clinton? Looking at Wikipedia, there are some similarities.

Dave: @PotatoStereo They're incidental, but it's fun that there are parallels. 8 )

Me: @Dreamkeepers Absolutely. But I think the parallels could lead to some predictions. btw thanks for taking the time to talk to fans like this

Guys, I think my theory had some merit. Though to be clear, although I say that some DK characters are a real person, I think it might be important to note that DKs are still completely separate entities from their real world counter part. Basically, I don't want anyone to go around saying OMG Dave made furry Bill Clinton, cause that would seem kind of weird to those actual people.

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TalkedSpy12/20/15 4:26pm
Furry Bill Clinton......


That is actually not a bad idea.

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AlphaMoron12/29/15 10:44pm
Oh god... What have we done

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TalkedSpy12/30/15 1:10pm
Well, it could be worse though.......we could have a furry version of Donald Trump.

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EngineerPearl05/17/16 10:05am
Well, That's not nessasarilly out of the question here. We haven't exactly been informed about the elections in Andruna, just the Viscount's politics. The terrifying success of a business man in politics who stands on a platform of predjudism and "success" as a business man is not out of the question.

If I may, however, who are the minor characters reading the human story, and who do you think they are reading about? Do you think they have Humansonas which are attached to the wrong humans or that they make original humans that don't exist in this world even though they have a human that does who belongs to them? What physical traits would even be deemed desirable to a Dreamkeeper?

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Dawonguy5/18/16 2:48pm
@EngineerPearl0: Such a politician is very much not out of the question, but Anduruna is still has a while before it gets to this election season as it is currently in the later half of Bill Clinton's time as president according to the theory.

It might be a bit weird however if Hilary Clinton wins the election as I'm pretty sure that Lilith's biological mother, Hilary Clinton's dreamkeepers, is probably dead and Tinsel had something to do with it.

I'm actually surprised that Dave and Liz haven't shown their DKs in the comic yet. They probably exist somewhere in Anduruna making a comic about the human world.

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TruthQuest5/19/16 11:37pm
Ahh Dawnguy? have you read the graphic novels available on the website? V2, "Pawns Dispatch", the street scene outside Igraths 'spriner' riddled home in a bead/mask booth, and V1, "The Viscounts Daughters", Lilith and Namah on the telapad, other DK's with their friends, their in both scenes, if you think that counts.

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