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Dreamkeepers Forums - DK minecraft map based on an old RP

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Subscribe to this thread DK minecraft map based on an old RP created by Hakuzo on November 5, 2015

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Hakuzo11/5/15 9:47pm
So, some time ago on the old forum I had an RP that was called Stuck on the Rocks. I've taken the maps I made and have started creating a minecraft map.

I would like to turn it into an adventure map somehow but not quite sure how to yet.

If anyone remembers the RP drop me a PM. I'm looking for everyone that was in it.

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Hakuzo11/7/15 5:20pm
I'll repost up the RP later. I'd like to bear from those people and I may attempt to post it up again.

Also the know someone was making a DK texturepack for minecraft, does anyone have a very 1.9 compliant version? ( possibly with 3D textures?

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DanWithTheHat11/10/15 2:55pm
I remember we had a DK texture pack on old minecraft server Devious Psychopath I believe was making. He hasn't been on the forum in sometime though... It maybe in my files somewhere. I can check when I get home.

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Hakuzo11/10/15 10:09pm
1.9 changed how resource packs work again. I'm lost how to edit them again.

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