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Subscribe to this thread Michael, the Telekinetic Demon Hunter created by Scottieboy2020 on October 31, 2015

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Scottieboy202010/31/15 6:01pm
Hi. I'm Michael. While most people are considered 'Diurnal', I'm more... Nocturnal.
I hunt Nightmares who crop up in the Dreamworld, dispatching them before they can hurt my fellow Dreamkeepers. I secretly align myself with the Troika, sometimes helping them on missions, though they never know of my presence. While we may have the same end goal, I simply don't want to be told what to do, and I generally prefer working alone.
I use my Power of Telekinesis combat the Nightmares, whether using it to fly or making temporary weapons out of the air around me. Preferring to attack hard and fast rather than heightening my own defenses, I often surprise Nightmares and Dark Dreamkeepers with my seemingly 'reckless' and 'self-endangering' tactics.
Also, my Halo glows a bluish green, which is my favorite color.

Last but not least, my single companion, Jason, is an Air Ryuu-Neko with dark grey fur. He's lighthearted, daring, and fairly crazy. He has saved me more then once by distracting the Nightmare from attacking me when I'm off guard.
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