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Subscribe to this thread Cooking with Another created by CoolCoyote on October 26, 2015

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joeden2/11/16 6:30pm
(I would.)

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Alej2/12/16 4:32pm :D :D :D

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Edwardteach2/16/16 12:20pm
I watch you trip and i say sarcastically "And i thought you were good on your feet"

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Alej2/16/16 6:42pm
Alej growled and got up, her face reddening in embarrassment and frustration. "Ngh, that doesn't count."

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Edwardteach2/17/16 7:29am
"Oh i bet" I swing the sword around and I slash to test the weight of this blade, "alright this one went well" I turn and I climb down and I start to walk back

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CoolCoyote2/17/16 11:39am
#ok so...yeah. Im not sure if aman is still here XD and he plays the main villain. Regaurdless the thread kind of deviated away from what we were origionally going for but that happens. Im going to be idle from the site for a while, so...ill let you both decide what you want to do. Feel free to assume Dylan got turned into stew if you want :p #

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Alej2/17/16 4:25pm
Alej follows Ed, grumbling to herself

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