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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeepers: The Game created by Kirito on October 22, 2015

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Hakuzo11/11/15 11:42pm
Don't we all. I have a lot of steam games ><.

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Prometheus11/14/15 10:37pm
One thing's for sure, once the demo is out and I've played it, I'll be promoting the shit out of it on 4chan /v/. ^^

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MobileCrusader12/3/15 8:57pm
I would restart my advertising engine too.

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Prometheus4/18/16 3:17pm
I've been out of the loop for quite a while as far as chats go. Any word on the game?

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AlcorTheMonkey4/21/16 9:39am
I want to play this badly...seriously omg!

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Ferrous4/22/16 10:46am
Glorious. I want this

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AlextheTeknian6/1/16 5:06pm
Im looking forward to this Dreamkeepers video game, I do hope they mamage to do it, will be so cool to see the Dreamkeepers in action and animated as a sidescroller from what they have shown =)

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Prometheus6/2/16 3:33pm

Here, here. ^^ I can't wait to start advertising the game on all the imageboards. It would be great if this game is successful from both inside the fanbase and out.

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Kobalt956/2/16 6:15pm
Aye, but its going to have to compete with many other games, and it'll constantly be compared to other games. I just hope its able to stand out and hold its own among the crowd of AAA and immaculately-indie -developed games...

I mean we all will love it because its DK but what about the uninitiated (yeah, that's their name XP )? It will definitely take more than fancy visuals to convince them to be invested in both the game and the overall series. Webcomics and graphic novels are one thing, but stepping into the sphere of video games? Boy, that's a whole other can of worms.

I'm not saying that the game won't be good, but I just hope that DK's first foray into the meat-grinder of a medium known as the video game market will be one that proves the series' mettle. People are just very hard to please, you know?

From what I see so far, it will most likely be a simple platformer in the vein of Super Mario or Donkey Kong Country. Now that's fine and dandy, but I've thought that the DK series could work well in another game genre- one that's usually forgotten: Cinematic Platformers.

Limbo, Out of This World, Heart of Darkness, Abe's Oddysee, Valiant Hearts, and the original Prince of Persia all contain elements that would be perfect for the colorful yet gritty and dire world of DK.

Brutal deaths, tense situations, good puzzle-solving, and intricate movement and platforming styles all fit with DK. I think these characteristics would work better for the world, characters, and story of DK than the arcade-styled, fast-paced platforming and item collecting found in a series like Super Mario or Sonic.

Plus, we haven't had a lot of popular Cinematic Platformers in the past few years- and if the developers can pull off a great game with fantastic visuals and lovable characters, then DK's first game will be a success!

Anyway, just my two cents on the subject.

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Childish6/6/16 4:41pm
Very much agree with Kobalt. Some video game genres are just so much better at story telling. To me the only reason I would want to bring DreamKeepers to the video game medium is to make its story more interactive. Actually, I'd prefer there wasn't any non-canon powers from Mace. I'd rather it help us dig deeper into an incredibly detailed world, adding on to what we know and maybe introducing a few things we'll see later in the series.

I see two ways for it to go. The game could be a fun little copy of a thousand other games, just DreamKeepers flavor to appeal to the fans of the series who also might like platformers. Or, it could be a unique experience allowing players a taste of the fascinating world and story that drew all of us here. Yes, one is a lot more work, but it has so much to offer.

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AlextheTeknian7/17/16 11:39am
One thing I liked Dave mentioned if I didnt hear wrong is that the character will get visible damage if they get hurt by enemies. its a minor detail thing and makes the characters look more alive but if they go with that I hope they still put a healt bar.

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Prometheus7/31/16 12:50pm
Hmmmm, visible damage. I wonder just how visible they're willing to go. If they're going to keep it as bloody as the book is, they might have to slap an M-rating on it.

One thing's for sure, it's going to be amusing watching it get ripped apart by 4chan when I post up a general thread for the demo on /vg/.

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