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Subscribe to this thread Scinter, Grunn and Igrath created by Roan on February 14, 2013

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Kirito10/27/15 12:32pm

I get the sense that they aren't talking about Troika, but about something else relating to the kids. They're never seen in the orphanage and have a giant base in the Diony Desert as well as the house they are seen in on that page. I could be wrong of course but that's my interpretation.

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NatChon10/27/15 7:22pm
If you look at the center left panel scinter says, and I quote, " I'm rattled... Eyewitness confirmation of a nightmare crawling through our primary safe house? And no trace of origin." In the middle of their conversation about the kids and the orphanage.

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Prometheus3/8/16 9:58pm
Okay, so Dave dropping some serious knowledge bombs on us in tonight's stream.

So, it turns out that Igrath's wife, Fae, was the Viscount's sister. Which means that Igrath is an uncle to Lilith and Namah by relation, NOT by blood; Fae Calah Winters was their aunt. This would also mean that Igrath is not the Viscount's brother, but his brother-in-law.

This just opened some brand new doors, I believe.

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BryanDimmsdale3/13/16 1:00am
Thanks for the major info, Prometheus. I'm sure we'll put it to good use, though that doesn't change much of the theories. However, that doesn't mean there's no more of them.

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Prometheus3/13/16 8:20pm

No problem. But, this does present a new theory on the Vis possibly being involved in Fae's murder and Igrath's framing.

See, Igrath was in cahoots with Scinter around that time. If he were the Vis's brother, that would be the only reason the Vis would carry out the framing, since he doesn't want his brother to screw up his image. Instead, Igrath's an in-law.

This information presents even more insight into the Vis's possible motives, if he is behind the murder. With Fae being his sister and Igrath being the Guard Captain, this gives the Vis TWO reasons for the framing. If Fae had found out about her brother's affair and Namah (who would be around two-years-old by the time the murder occurs) and Igrath paling around with Scinter, the Vis and his career would be in the shitter if his affair had been brought out by his sister and if it was found out that his CCA brother-in-law is allied with the black market mastermind.

So, he had to get rid of them both, one through murder and the other through discredit. Igrath being an in-law, he's only related by marriage. And, the media would be too busy shaming Igrath to notice the relationship (not to mention string-pulling on Vis's part).

I could be giving Calah too much credit for an elaborate scheme like this. But, that's the point of theories. XP

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TruthQuest3/14/16 6:10pm

The Vis might be too much credit, but Tins, that's a whole other bag of beans.

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Scottieboy20203/15/16 7:41pm
I agree, Viscount Calah doesn't have the mental capability for murder or involvement in murder.
However, we KNOW Tins is more than capable, not only is the a Dark DK but she was more than willing when she tried killing Lilith and Namah.
That and she's Psychotic.

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Prometheus3/16/16 8:52am

Yeah, I gave Calah way too much credit for being this conniving. Tinsel would more than likely be behind it. And, if we're still on the angle that she is Calah's affair, and if she was as young as we think she was back then, then Tinsel would undoubtedly have anyone who found out about it killed. Even if they turned out to be Calah's sister, Fae. And, since Igrath was working with Scinter, Tinsel would decide to knock out two scraws with one stone, considering Igrath and Scinter together would be a major threat since Igrath would be an insider in the government with his Guard Captain position.

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BryanDimmsdale3/19/16 1:52am
I think I have said and theorized that a long time ago, but it is spread in multiple story discussions and characters, specifically on the Tinsel thread.

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