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Subscribe to this thread Request: Email Notifications created by Lycanphoenix on October 13, 2015

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Lycanphoenix10/13/15 9:42pm
Simply put, having an option to be notified whenever you receive a private message or a subscribed thread is updated would make our lives a lot more convenient, especially since it would reduce our needs to compulsively check the website every five minutes.

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TalkedSpy11/1/15 8:04am
Same here. To me, it's gets pretty nagging to log in and check your notifications to see your PM's and thread updates every-so-often.

It would be cool if the inbox on your email account would let you know what's been going on on the forums, or something like that. For example, Youtube sending you an update through Gmail to see who posted their latest videos on the site on the channels you subscribed to.

Something like that would make things a bit easier to handle. I'm a bit surprised that the mods still haven't fix that problem yet, no offense to them at all that is.

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Javelin11/1/15 6:21pm
Yeah I wonder does Dave have to contact gmail for arrangements?

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Kirito11/1/15 6:26pm

The moderators don't have control over the website; just the people in it. That's up to the website developer and Dave. Hopefully a website update happens soon, I would love to see new features.

For more suggestions go here:

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TalkedSpy11/1/15 6:55pm

Oh, okay then. Thanks Ki. :)

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Prometheus11/1/15 8:43pm

Pffft, thanks. I was gonna address this. ^^

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DanWithTheHat11/2/15 6:43pm
To add to what kirito said, while we don't code the website, we do have the ability to talk to Dave pretty easily. Keep posting suggestions in the suggestions thread. Once Vol 4 ships, we can let Dave know of all the improvements suggested and go from there just like we did last year.

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