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Subscribe to this thread Trade Center created by Kirito on October 12, 2015

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Kirito10/12/15 6:02pm
I wanted a place for people to express when they're open for trades.

And funnily enough, I am!

Here's some example of my recent art to give you an idea of skill level:

If you're up for a trade, just comment below and we can get some art exchanged!

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Javelin10/13/15 8:23pm
ill see if I can pull up some of my own but is there a way to put the photos of drawings into links

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dyingdutchman10/14/15 2:05am
i'm open for them, allthough i've been out of practice for a while, might as well use this to get back into it.

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Kirito10/14/15 8:20am

Just go to a website like and upload the image there. You can get a shareable link like I did in art example number 4. :^)


Sure thing! Just note me with what you'd like.

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Kirito10/28/15 5:03pm
@Dying dutchman


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Javelin10/29/15 8:49pm
Here's my drawing of Vanth :)

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Dawonguy10/30/15 4:24pm
I'm going to be getting some new drawing software soon, so doing some art trades here seems like a great way to break it in.

What I'm thinking of drawing: Any character(s) I'm fond of (SFW of course). Things I'm fond of of: DreamKeepers, Pokemon, Undertale... You know what, just ask me instead.

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Javelin10/30/15 6:46pm

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dyingdutchman11/2/15 1:51am
if anyone else wants to trade with me, just shoot me a message,

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Javelin11/2/15 6:25am
Trade as in tips & drawing styles?

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Kirito11/2/15 6:28am

Trade as in you each draw a picture for the other person. 'Trading' artwork.

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Javelin11/2/15 5:45pm

Ah ok

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Dawonguy11/7/15 6:43pm
Got my new software, so I'm ready to draw.

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Kirito11/8/15 7:34pm

If you could link to some of your work that'd be awesome!

If you want to do a trade I'm really only wanting to do cleaned up sketches for time's sake. If you're interested PM on my Deviant art, here, or FA.

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