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Subscribe to this thread The Rising Shadows: Usque ad Mortem created by Nix on October 9, 2015

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Nix10/9/15 6:55pm
The story:

In Anduruna, the peace is shifting with people beginning to question the Viscount's political reign after hearing rumors of the Nightmares returning after a supposed sighting in the Diony Desert. Is the viscount hiding something? The data scrolls are being censored, citing libel laws. People are being cut off from the REAL news, and are starting to worry.

We follow a group of friends in the search for the truth, and to perhaps stop the Horde-if it should exist- in their attempt to restore peace to Anduruna.

Limit of three each. If your character dies, you are permitted to make a new one!

I will be using my character Alex.

The Scene:
The RP will take place throughout Anduruna. I will begin in Calypsa.

- NS-17
- No hyper gore (disembowlment, decapitation) Heavy bleeding and wounds are fine.
- Keep the romance (if there is to be any) at a PG-13 level
- No GModding
- No auto hitting
*failure to comply will result in warnings and banning)

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Lycanphoenix10/11/15 8:43am
- SNIP -

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Nix10/11/15 9:37am
Lycan, I have not started this rp. Please wait until I give the go ahead.

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Lycanphoenix10/11/15 11:12am
Oops. I apologize.

I will take my post down and put it notepad until later.

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PowerButton12/9/15 6:56pm
Hi there, do we have an ETA on when this RP may be activated?

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Aman371212/10/15 3:58pm
My body is ready.

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TheDeadlyFB12/10/15 4:08pm
Indeed, we're all waiting for it.

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Aman371212/10/15 5:10pm
It'll be a bad time XD

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TheDeadlyFB12/10/15 5:15pm
Damnit, Aman, you beat me to it! XD

But yeah, hopefully we'll get some news about this, or else, well, what he said. (Sigh, I should have made that joke first.)

Edit: Eh, to hell with it: we will have a bad time...

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PowerButton12/10/15 5:36pm
If you don't RP, you're gonna have a bad time.

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Aman371212/10/15 5:56pm
A bad time with Nightmares and other villainous forces XD

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TheDeadlyFB12/11/15 6:10am
A time where someone will probaly get dunked on. (Ok i'll stop now.)

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Javelin12/11/15 6:12am
Can I Bring in a different character until I can resolve the stats with my other one?

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Scottieboy20202/28/16 9:21am
Hey, can I join?

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