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Subscribe to this thread Operation Vulcan created by Javelin on October 7, 2015

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Javelin10/7/15 8:48pm
Location: Anduruna Gov occupied huge oil facility, Dessert
Javelin [Digigrade] ( Assault
Valkyrie [Plantigrade] ( Medic
Brusilov [Tetrapod] ( Heavy Riot Control
Tarkin [Plantigrade]( Heavy Chopper Pilot
Demokleas [Digigrade] ( Demolition
Sentry [Plantigrade] ( Sniper

Mission: steal 4 Gas tanks obliterate the rest.

Optional: Search Offices, Confirm Dark dream keeper presence, nightmare etc

Leverage: Hostages, Black Mail CEO, Black Mail Government officials

Plan B: extraction by roof

Oh and the reason I gave These characters military Alphabetical names because they are from a sub faction in Anduruna junk/ scrap yard they are nomads, anti gov, good Samaritans well some of them because they rely on both there creativity and powers to help them achieve what the gov can not and would not do...

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PowerButton10/14/15 6:09pm
sooo, do we play as your preset characters?

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Javelin10/15/15 3:09pm
u can bring in your own if you like

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Javelin10/15/15 3:17pm
i think ill start it if the other guys approve and this is my first time making a story so ill continue adding detail

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PowerButton10/23/15 5:36pm
Hi! It's been awhile but I'm back

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