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Subscribe to this thread Whats "off" About DreamKeepers. created by coolbreeze88 on October 2, 2015

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coolbreeze8810/2/15 8:48pm
really? have I really been gone for 5 months?... I mean seriously, I feel like such a jerk for disengaging from everything I used to enjoy. maybe it just had something to do with the identity crisis I had.

does art have any objective value? that question dug into my skull and really put a major psychological block on my creativity. if what I'm doing isn't furthering my life goals or providing something that's useful in everyday situations.. what's the point besides distracting us from life's problems? is their something more I'm missing... something beyond what I can see? is their a deeper meaning I'm not seeing?

anyways, I like dream keepers... its just that... I feel a really bad case of deja vu whenever I read through it, like I've seen this stuff happen before, its a really weird feeling honestly and dreamkeepers is certainly not lacking in orginality.

also another problem I have with DreamKeepers is that I feel that the author is focusing way to much on wooing us with visuals rather than progressing the story in a consistent, compelling manner. on top of that, the hair trigger mood whiplash between lightheartedness and painful seriousness really puts me on edge... maybe that was intentional, but I want to be enthralled, not be made to feel uncomfortable.

on top of that... I have this general underlying feeling of unease whenever I even muse at it.

maybe its because dream keepers is supposed to be a parallel of our world and the people in it.

the concept of having a anthropomorphic animal double protecting you from nightmares in the dream world and if your dream keeper dies, you die is... actually kind of spooky.

its not what's on the surface that is making me squeamish, its the underlying implications of not being aware of a part of yourself, of not being in control, of having your avatar in the dream world have a completely separate will than your own with his/her own goals, problems, friends, and enemies.

I should have you know my worst fear in not being in control of my own life or aspect of my life, and DreamKeepers highlights that and makes it the sole premise.

that why every time I read a new page... I feel that strange gut feeling of familiarity and reality.

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Aman371211/8/15 10:40am
Is this a rant?

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Kirito11/8/15 11:03am

I don't see it as a rant, more of a monologue; explaining his mindset. I'm really surprised I missed this actually.


I think a major problem you're having is reading too much into DK. At it's heart and core it's a story- and not much else. Of course the premise is to have parallels with the real world, which gives the world a familiar feel.

If you feel uncomfortable reading it then I advise you to take a break for sure. The issues you bring up are undoubtedly valid if you feel as you do.

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Javelin11/8/15 8:22pm

I can relate I saw this post awhile back when i was first looking around the forum
And I'm sure we'll be able to overcome this dread, what ever it is driving us away from this well made Novel and we'll have a clear head about this

Ill just spend time in praying to calm myself (not religion)

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