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Subscribe to this thread Anduruna Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation created by Lycanphoenix on September 30, 2015

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Lycanphoenix9/30/15 12:19am
Oh my... It would seem that the infamous Corrupt-a-Wish game has found its way into the dreamworld.

The rules of this game are simple. You must grant the wish of the poster above, twisting it to your own odds and ends, and then spit out your own wish.

- - - - - -

I wish that Prelude would update more often.

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Kirito9/30/15 5:49am
Granted; the Prelude will update more often.

But there will be no new GNS volumes

I wish that I was rich

(I love this game! Thank you for bringing it here.)

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Lycanphoenix9/30/15 1:25pm
Wish granted; you are the a very rich, as in you are a rich, syrupy substance being used in Scinter's Mark fermentae around the Dreamworld.

Given that Dreamkeepers is effectively Furry Akira, I want a Dreamkeepers movie/show based on the GNS.

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DanWithTheHat10/5/15 8:16pm
Your wish has been granted, except the ending of the show ends up being that everyone died in the plane crash and all the DKs are in purgatory. All the DK fans riot for the terrible Lost like ending that ABC made for it and Dave is forever saddened by the loss of his comic to the networks.

I wish that Whip could talk.

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Kirito10/5/15 8:31pm
Wish granted; Whip can now talk. However, he will only use his newfound ability to insult you.

I wish Evzen had more screentime

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BloodyGoldKnight10/14/15 6:11am
Your wish is granted and now Evzen will have more "screen time" as an extremely irritating watermark across every page of the PDF versions of the GNS.

I wish I could visit the dreamkeepers world.

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Lycanphoenix10/14/15 6:15am
Wish granted; your power as a dreamkeeper is a beacon, drawing nightmare and dark dreamkeeper alike to your location.

I wish that I could create copies of myself to do my bidding.

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Prometheus11/1/15 9:20pm
Wish granted; they only have a fraction of your intelligence and end up being useless due to Pinky-level stupidity. XD

I wish I could teleport wherever I wanted. (I can already guess how this will be granted XD)

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Lycanphoenix11/2/15 12:33am
Wish granted... Sort of. Whenever you Teleport, a malfunction occurs; you get sent forward in time a few minutes, you get covered in black stuff, you Teleport into a mountain in a you-shaped hole, etc.

I wish I could find a professional Japanese translator for Dreamkeepers.

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Ferrous1/26/16 10:10am
You can, but they fill your translations with bad puns & innuendo.

I wish I had an unlimited supply of butterscotch pudding.

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TruthQuest1/27/16 1:10pm
Congrats! You get stuck to the bottom of the bowl with an extended belly holding you down against your intestines.

I wish I could buy the Animated version of DK.

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Animefan182/1/16 3:03pm
Wish granted, but you get 140p quality and bad animation/voice acting

I wish dave opens up sketch commissions on da

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TeamDK2/1/16 5:05pm
You R Win!

Dave opens sketch commissions on DA and he insists on only drawing detailed self-portraits.

I wish it was acceptable to take animals to all public places.

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ZycantAlpha2/1/16 10:24pm
The wish is granted. Sadly, a large group of people die in the park because someone lost track of his pet cobra.

I wish that people wouldn't make such quick judgements about others.

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Ferrous2/4/16 10:43am
Granted. Now they take slow and determined judgements and come to precisely the wrong conclusion.

I wish I had a flock of trained potoo birds.

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