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Subscribe to this thread Tabletop Players? Share your stories created by arSyx on September 21, 2015

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arSyx9/21/15 7:13pm
Just wondering if we have any D&D, or any other tabletop game players here. These kinds of games open themselves up for some really interesting stories, so it'd be great to hear some of yours.

I'll begin with a recent one of mine. (kind of long, just a summary of a session I enjoyed. we went pretty silly with it)

So my friends and I have a really loosely based D&D type system for quick games that seems to work well enough, and we get to go pretty crazy with the character concepts. Naturally, I decide to be a film director who also happens to be a bomb golem. (aptly named Michael Bay; you may also be wondering what a fantasy setting is doing with film cameras, but anachronism is also a subject that is brushed under the rug) His newest film, "The Bomb and the Bomb", is funded by a skeleton businessman who does alchemy on the side, named Mr. Bones. You see, Mr. Bones has the incredibly expensive hobby of creating theme parks based on himself (horrible quality, steep prices, produced en masse, and filled to the brim with advertisements for Mr. Bones' other business ventures), and because of his eccentric addiction running his assets dry, his last hope is on Michael Bay. The bomb golem's films are the kind that try to be artsy, using inappropriate effects and random foreign language thrown into the script in the most pretentious way, but still make money from the explosions [he makes] as well as the eye candy women he casts for his movies. Cue Lulu Smith, another party member, who is the female lead in this next movie, rising to stardom after the simple life of a hunter. She is joined by her brother, James Smith, an average farmer who Michael agreed to let on to do stage work since many of his staff do not stay too long for fear of the real explosions used on set and the horrible wages. However, a goblin attack on their most recent venue, led by a goblin warlord, Lord Winters, in search of an artifact of great power, leaves their set in ruin... Mainly due to a series of terrible rolls by Michael Bay, who ended up starting fires and blowing up a few houses.
When they are aided by Prince Charming ("charmed, I'm sure" *busts down door and unknowingly injures a civilian in the process as he greets our party*) and his battery-powered lightning magic, they learn that the artifact, known as the Heart of Iron, has been taken by Lord Winters. Michael Bay, caring next to nothing about the warlord or the artifact itself, is more interested in what an interesting plot the quest for this artifact would be for his movie. With their filming venue destroyed, Michael decides that the perfect way to make his film be "natural" is to take the cameras along and film the rest of "The Bomb and the Bomb" as an action documentary thriller comedy, seeking Lord Winters and letting the rest write itself. Mr. Bones, at the end of his rope and with all his chips laid out on the success of this film, reluctantly goes along with the plan. Lulu and James shrug. At least they're getting paid something. and the quest begins...

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