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Subscribe to this thread Sequel Theories created by Prometheus on September 19, 2015

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Prometheus9/19/15 8:55pm
In the past, it has been asked if there would be a possible sequel to the series once it was completed. Dave has entertained the idea.

With that in mind, I think it would be interesting to see what theories everyone has for what the aftermath of the main series would be like. Here is my idea for a possible spin-off series.

Mace: vanishes without a trace.
Whip: DED
Lilith: DED
Namah: DED
Bast: becomes a wandering scavenger selling his power and fighting skills to anyone who needed them for a price.

Synopsis: Twenty years pass. Anduruna is now a mausoleum of history (I know that's in the following video, I just had to write it XD). A dead nation. After the conflict ended, most of the surviving populace fled the city and created small settlements throughout the surrounding land. Those who stayed behind were either deluded fools, street clans, or cannibalistic crazies.

Mace mysteriously vanished after slaying Nabonidus and all of the invading Nightmares with his unknown power. The battle left the top of the Sabbaton Towers completely destroyed and a burning hole shooting through the middle of the central tower.

Whip, Lilith and Namah die at various points in time before the conflict began. Out of the five, Bast is the only survivor. He now wanders from settlement to settlement, being a hired bodyguard for leaders of militarized nomadic groups.

Basically, I'm thinking it'll be something like this:

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SuperTurbo410/4/15 8:55pm
Kill of THREE of the main characters? Where's the fun in that?

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Lycanphoenix10/5/15 8:59am
Better idea, <presumed dead>, but nobody knows if they are actually dead. For instance, there could even be a staged death at some point.

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Prometheus10/5/15 11:02am

Well, we already know one of them is going to die by the end of the story. But, I get the feeling Dave is throwing us for a loop there. I think only one or two are going to survive. That's just me, though.


Heh, that's a good thought. A staged death would be one hell of a twist.

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Lycanphoenix10/5/15 12:03pm
So if either Lilith or Namah becomes wanted, then it could be a sort of "They can't kill you if you're already dead" type of scenario.

If Whip happens to survive on the otherhand, it would be interesting to see how Whip and Bast would interact over the long term.

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Lycanphoenix10/7/15 9:55pm
Nabonidus did not really die, at least not completely. The reason Mace disappeared is because he and Nabonidus merged somehow.

Again, just an idea. Would only really work if you had Mace and Nabonidus initially be two halves of the same whole, sorta like Neo and The Architect in a The Matrix.

So it would be like:
Mace: Missing, Fate Unknown (merged with Nabonidus?)
Lilith: Fate Unknown, Presumed Dead
Namah: Fate Unknown, Presumed Dead
Whip: Presumed Dead (staged death, now hanging out with Bast)
Bast: Now a wanted vigilante/mercenary, mostly-off-the-grid, using a disguise and alias when he goes into town.

Among the cities that could be visited:
- Arridos
- Sargamartha
- Khopa
- Krennikan
- Jita
- Chaven
- Korodera
- Koltiwa
- Stranavok
- Sebenco
- Temtesh
- Vohl
- Medesto
- Khara
- Basillico
- Portakora
- Aesherov
- Altera
- Lantea

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CJ4/28/16 5:52am
@ Lycanphoenix

Is The Matrix any good? My mom says it's stupid and my dad says it's confusing.

Also, your theory sounds like a great idea.

I've got a little bit of one myself...
After the war, Anduruna is equivalent to a post-apocalyptic world (not so much Mad Max or The Walking Dead as much as The Book of Eli*). The sequel will be nowhere near as long as the original Graphic Novel Saga, and will instead be leading us around post-apocalyptic Anduruna looking at all of the places we've been in the Graphic Novel Saga and how they've changed:
The Starfall Mountains have melted into legit mountains and the safehouse there is old and decrepit.
The Orphanage is moldy, broken, and rotting away, with some of it already disintegrating into the sea.
Whatever's left of the Sabbaton Towers (I swear if those things don't come down in an epic battle...) will be broken and crumbled, with the only remnants being various surviving small items like pictures and signs and tapestries.

The sequel will follow one of two possible characters models:
Our survivors, whoever it is, only they're grown up, maybe/or maybe not in a relationship, and the war has drastically changed them.
Their children, who look around exploring the world their parent's knew and making assumptions about how "this" might've looked before they were born.

I think the second idea is the best, like they stumble upon the Orphanage and find Grunn's porn stash, worn and rotten and ruined from age and saltwater.
Or they'll find one of Vi's bras that Mace got her.
Or they'll find the rock that Mace and Bobby looked for.
And whatever they find they'll wonder about it and make up wild stories about what happened and what part it played and what exactly it meant to the characters...
And only we'll know the truth...

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CJ4/28/16 5:52am
*I almost forgot, is The Book of Eli any good too?

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