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Subscribe to this thread Mistfits of Ruskol - Chaptor 1: New Beginnings created by Aman3712 on September 19, 2015

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Edwardteach10/25/15 9:11pm
"Thats my point exactly, thats not luck, and none of these dice are loaded, so how?" i start off speaking flustered then graduly got tired

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joeden10/25/15 10:14pm
Brandon knew he was being figured out, maybe, maybe he could throw him off. Brandon picked up a bunch of die and said, "I'll show you luck!" He dropped the die and it all came up as fours. Brandon's jaw dropped and his arms fell limp, Really? Really!!! He then looked at Loki and said, "uhhh yeah luuuuuckkk......."

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TheDeadlyFB10/26/15 8:49am
Hank, having seen all of this without saying a word, finally snapped out of his initial surprise and began talking. "Yeah, luck. And I have two fully functioning eyes and I wear an eye patch just because." He said sarcastically, as he stood up from his chair. He then said, first calmly, but slowly sounding more exasperated.
"Gentleman, a simple question. Do you have any idea just how illegal this is? I think you already broke at least four different laws already!"

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Aman371210/26/15 10:01am
"WHOA!!!!" Victor exclaims from seeing Loki use his power, stepping back from shock, "Dude, you gotta power!?"

Linna was equally shocked at this, while Gusto laughed as he then said, "I didn't expect to see another power user!"

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Edwardteach10/26/15 10:02am
"Alright," I pick up the die i set down "Who else can use their powers at will?"

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Aman371210/26/15 10:20am
Gusto laugh at this as a bright green halo came over his head, and a green cube formed around the group.

"Ecco !" He then said with a wide smile, "This is how I feed a full house of customers!"

Victor and Linna didn't look surprised when Gusto used his power. In fact, they were perfectly fine with it. However, Linna's eyes were glued on Loki and his power. Suddenly, the dice what was within the green cube started to float, then fly around like flies till Gusto deactivated his halo, before making the dive stack on the table in a pyramid formation.

"Heh, that Gusto for ya." Victor chuckled, his arms folded, "Now, let's role the damn dice already! The tension is killin' me!"

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Edwardteach10/26/15 10:28am
"Hmm," I pisck the die back up and my halo glows and i clap the cube between my hands and i open my hands to be holing a 8 inch long knife. which I slip in my pocket. "I n will roll" I pick up a die and I Roll it.
Total: 4

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Aman371210/26/15 10:34am
"DAMNIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!" Victor whales as he collapses onto the floor in shame. Gusto bursts out in laughter and almost falls over while Linna simply giggles.

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TheDeadlyFB10/26/15 10:35am
"Well, you all sure seem really nonchalant about this." Hank said, a bit dumbfounded. He would have complained, but it seemed pointless now, what with everyone being this accepting of using powers in broad daylight like that. "Better to just roll with it..." he thought to himself.

"Really? Four again?" Hank said. Surprised as he was (or wasn't) he couldn't help but to laugh as well. "Are we sure Brandon is not using his power again?"

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Edwardteach10/26/15 11:00am
"No we aren't" I glare at brandon and I pull out the knife, "Hmm I could have made this sharper" It was a plain styled knife, the blade about 4 inches logn and the rest molded to fit my hand perfectly.

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joeden10/26/15 11:02am
Brandon laughed at the die roll and said, "I'm not using my power, it doesn't work like that, it makes ordinary objects explosive projectiles." He then looked at Loki again and the die he rolled and said, "see I told you luck, not power." This couldn't have gone better, he was terrified he was found out but the fox had the luck on his side and it was good.

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Aman371210/26/15 11:03am
Lina stared at the knife, fascinated by Loki's power. As Victor continued to mope of the floor in defeat, Gusto walked to to Loki and said, puffing up his chest, "Is something going on?" It was clear that he was finding the knife as a sort of threat, and was making sure that Loki had no intent on using it.

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Edwardteach10/26/15 11:10am
"No i was seeing how the flo wood affect it" pointing out the fact the brandons die is no longer on the table "I'm sorry bud, but that wood allowed me to make this its extra energy allowed me to make the knife so big"

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TheDeadlyFB10/26/15 11:19am
Hank looked at Victor, still on the floor, and said, "So, Vic, sorry if I'm interrupting your moping, but out of curiosity, do you know what your power is?"

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Aman371210/26/15 4:28pm
"No, I don't." Victor says, sitting up with a huff, "What's it to ya?"

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