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Subscribe to this thread Mistfits of Ruskol - Chaptor 1: New Beginnings created by Aman3712 on September 19, 2015

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Aman371211/11/15 5:43pm
As Victor sat at the bleachers the other contestants were, he saw something from the corner of his eye. Red was giving one of his goons a strange object before disappearing into the crowd, leaving the goon the smirk devilishly at what he was given. Something was fishy...

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Edwardteach11/11/15 7:37pm
I look at vic watching him sit down and stare at red, i come and sit next to him "so I spy with my little eye, something worried, what is wrong?" i say

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Aman371211/11/15 7:43pm
"Red is up to somethn'" Victor said, pointing to the goon, "See that gray weasel? Yeah, Red gave him something. I got no clue what, but it probably spells bad news all over it."

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Edwardteach11/11/15 7:49pm
"hmm, shouldi check it out? i have a lite hand" i say kinda waving my fingers a little,

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TheDeadlyFB11/11/15 8:43pm
"Aren't you being a bit paranoid?" Hank said to Vic as he sat next to him and Loki, sounding somewhat skeptical. "I mean, what's the worse thing Red could do? It's probably something dumb, like a stink bomb, or maybe a firecracker."

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joeden11/11/15 11:14pm
Brandon signed up and followed getting into position getting ready for whatever was coming, he didn't really know what to do, oh well.

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Aman371211/12/15 9:02am
"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" The sound of a microphone boomed. It was the voice of the school principle, who sat on a unfolded chair next to two other judges, "The contest will being very shortly! The audience and contesters may gather in the gym!" With that the crowd started to move into the school. The group, although cluttered, eventually reached the gym, which had large bleachers on either side and had a series of obstacles. While the audience sat at the bleachers, the contesters had to line up at a red line, were the contest would assembly begin.

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TheDeadlyFB11/12/15 10:00am
"Welp, good luck guys. I'll be sitting there if you need me." Hank said while pointing at the bleachers. "As they say, knock 'em dead." He then made his way to the bleachers and sat on the front row.

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Edwardteach11/13/15 4:51pm
"alright, we all know i will win" i say standingup and looking aroundthe area, checking each face

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Aman371211/14/15 6:22pm
Victor, who was also in the line of contestant, spit on the floor as he cracked his neck, "Got my fill on pizza and a crowd of lovely chicks. Let's go this!"

"Alright folks, this is the moment you've all been waiting for!" The principle called through the microphone, "The game will begin in three.... two..."


With that, the contesters dashed forwards as they came to their first obstacle, a seven food plastic wall with ridges for the contesters to climb up. "Shit!" Vector thought as he approached the first challenge, realizing that he had failed to do any form of training for this! While most of the contesters had no problem climbing up the wall, some took longer. These included Victor, who was hanging off of a ridge a foot away from the ground, "Shit shit shit!!!"

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Edwardteach11/17/15 12:33pm
Though I am not amazing at climbing, I can do well, specially after having to run, and I end up as i reach the top of the wall in the front of the middle group of climbers and I stop for a moment and I reach down to help pull vic up "Come on I thought you said you were good at this stuff"

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Aman371211/18/15 6:00am
"Yeah, I assumed that i'd do well!" Victor said as he grabbed Loki's hand, pulling himself up the wall. The weasel was at the head of the game, being already at the next obstacle, with was a row of shutter-step rings. While the crowd and announcer were accepted with the other contesters behind, the weasel pulled out a bag of marbles and placed a few of them in the holes of the rings and quickly moved on to the next obstacle. This weasel as clearly an athlete, but was also a sneaky cheater.

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joeden11/18/15 9:44pm
Brandon was the last to go but that changed, as he bolted up the wall, faster then anyone else, and over it. Brandon was quite fast, he had to be, because people "accused" him of cheating and wanted their money back, so it was move quick or die for him. The marbles barely slowed Brandon down, as he caught up to the weasel.

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Aman371211/19/15 9:17am
The weasel looked back, his eyes widening in horror to see that Brandon was effortlessly catching up with him. The next challenge had three ropes that led to a tall platform five feet from the floor, in which the contestants had to leap off of and land in a red ring. As the weasel climbed up, he made sure to sneak a small bottle of oil and began to carefully cover the rope he was climbing up with it. If Brandon were to climb the rope the weasel was climbing up, he would have a slippery issue (XD)

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joeden11/22/15 11:02pm
Brandon tried to climb the rope, he went up then down cursing, as he wiped his hands, he pulled out a cloth and used it to wipe the rope and do so as he climbed. He was catching up to the weasel, slower but still catching up, while climbing the rope in a silly as hell fashion.

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