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Subscribe to this thread Mistfits of Ruskol - Chaptor 1: New Beginnings created by Aman3712 on September 19, 2015

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Edwardteach11/5/15 6:14pm
"imafinebutmyheadahurts" i say in a jumble mutter, and i kinda lean back and forth a little

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Aman371211/5/15 6:34pm
Giggling, she hears Gusto calling for her from the back, and makes her way back to the kitchen while Victor continues to talk.

Eventually, the group got to the school, where a large crowd of students, parents, and teachers were gathered. Food stands and small shops were also there, selling merchandise from the school. "Jeez, talk about makin' ya school look good." Victor laughed out loud.

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joeden11/5/15 8:57pm
Brandon took a garlic out from under his white over hang and began to eat it, he didn't want to be attacked by any vampire that might be hanging around. That was his main thought, he'd not take any chances and that's why he had garlic on hand always, and loving the taste only made it better.

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Edwardteach11/6/15 7:29am
I still stand a little wobbly from my head to head with the pole "So vic" I say loudly "Where do we sign up?"

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Aman371211/6/15 9:07am
"I got no clue!" Victor then said, shrugging, "That's why we're here, right?"

Suddenly, Victor's face went cold with horror as he then hid behind Loki. "Shit!" He cried out, "It's him!"

Red, along with his other jock friends, were at the sign up table. Red was signing up to the contest, wearing a white tank top and brown shorts. He briefly glanced at the group, only to have his attention pulled by one of his friends.

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TheDeadlyFB11/6/15 9:42am
"And, who exactly it's "him"?" Hank asked, completely oblivious. He then say the expression in Victor's face as he hid behind Loki, and asked him in a sarcastic tone, "Should we he hiding in terror too?".

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Aman371211/6/15 9:58am
"Well, yeah!" victor cried out, "It's Red, the same jock that kicked my ass!"

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TheDeadlyFB11/6/15 10:05am
"Oh really?" Hank said, as he looked at Red. "He doesn't look that tough. Or very bright." He said, unimpressed. He had already faced people like Red when he was younger, so he was more or less used to most of their tricks. This guy couldn't be much different.

"Well, I don't think ypu should worry, as long as you don't upset him. Then again, why did he beat you up in the first place?"

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Aman371211/6/15 10:15am
"I went on a date with his girlfriend." Victor said, keeping himself hidden behind Loki, "Well, she was hitting on me, and like, who wouldn't turn down a date with one of the hottest chicks at school?"

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Edwardteach11/6/15 10:27am
"Hmm jock maybe we could knock him down a few notches" i say reaching into my bag i pull out a rock and i bounce it in my hand a little

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TheDeadlyFB11/6/15 10:52am
"As satisfying and cathartic that would be, I don't think we should. At least not now." Hank said, giving it some thought. He would have probably agreed otherwise, but right now they had to focus on the contest first.

After thinking for a moment, he finally said, "Unless, of course Victor thinks otherwise. After all, he was the "victim"." He turned to face Victor "How about it Vic, feeling a bit vengeful? Or should we wait till after the contest?"

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Aman371211/6/15 11:20am
"As much as I wanna kick his ass, we should wait till after the contest." Victor then said, as Red and his friends walked away, leaving the sign up table available.

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TheDeadlyFB11/7/15 5:55pm
Hank simply shrugged, saying "Whatever you say Vic. Now let's go and sign in already, we're running out of time."

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Aman371211/7/15 7:51pm
With that, Victor managed to put up a smile as he signed the forums. He then looked over where the other contestants were gather aid said, "I'll be over here!"

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Edwardteach11/9/15 5:49am
"alrght" i say and I put the rock back in my bag and I take a look around and I followed hank annd vic and I sign the forums and I read them "Injury at the fault of the participant, sounds genuine" I say and I hand my slip to the DK behind the table/counter.

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