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Subscribe to this thread Mistfits of Ruskol - Chaptor 1: New Beginnings created by Aman3712 on September 19, 2015

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TheDeadlyFB10/31/15 9:40pm
"So you can't transmute things back to their original form?" Hank asked Loki as he drank the rest of his soda. "Also, I wouldn't worry too much about paying for his die, he'll have plenty of money for that after the contest."

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joeden10/31/15 11:24pm
Brandon looked at Hank and said, how do we know we'll win?" Brandon was silently angry he lost his favorite die it was a special gift and getting another from the old man wasn't exactly easy... Brandon huffed before it hit him, what the hell was a dark? What was that about? As these questions permeated in his mind he watched the group passively hoping for some slip of information.

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Aman371211/1/15 12:52pm
"Alright! Enough with freaking dice and pizza!" Victor said as he put his hand up, "So who one the dice roll? Cuz he's gonna be the one who'll get the money from to contest."

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Edwardteach11/1/15 1:02pm
"I can transmute them back its just that the flo wood energy goes to all of them, but maybe if I focs hard enough" I pull the knife back out and my black halo appears and I clap my hands to gether with the knife inbetween them and i set eight dice on the table all looking exactly as the did before I did anything, I pick up one in particuliar and I roll it to Brandon "Does that feel right? The energy signiture?"

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joeden11/1/15 5:40pm
"Loki rolled a four and I was the one who chose four," Brandon said halfheartedly raising a hand.

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Aman371211/2/15 12:40pm
((We've been fitting with dice in the pizza joint for ages now XD))

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Edwardteach11/2/15 6:00pm

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Edwardteach11/2/15 6:01pm
"Alright so brandon get's the pot let's go" I say quickly running out the door, and walking back in "Um i dont know where i am going", I say bashfully.

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TheDeadlyFB11/2/15 6:02pm
((Indeed, let us get this story moving foward!))

"Now that's the look of a winner right there. He's gonna win the contest for sure." Hank said sarcastically while pointing at Brandon.

"Good question, where is this contest anyway?" Hank asked Victor.

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Aman371211/3/15 6:20pm
Victor looked at the Datascroll as he then confirmed, "It says that it'll be at our school in... THIRTY MINUTES!? Grab your shit and let's hit this joint, we gotta contest to win!"

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Edwardteach11/3/15 6:55pm
"Alrighty" I grab my bag which I left at the table and I start to run to the door "see you later Linna," followed by "I'm going to beat all of you there" as I push open the doors

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TheDeadlyFB11/3/15 7:17pm
"Lead the way" Hank said, following close behind as he tried his best to drink the last drops of his soda without slowing down.

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joeden11/4/15 7:45am
Brandon got up and followed after them ready to win and claim the money.

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Edwardteach11/4/15 4:28pm
I bolt towards the school jumping over miniscule objects that came in my way, and I turn my head for a moment to see if anyone is running as well and I run into a a pole and I landd smack dab on my arse and I fall back from sitting to laying "ompf" is the only sound heard from me.

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TheDeadlyFB11/4/15 6:19pm
Hank stopped dead on his tracks just behind Loki. "Oh for the love of..." he said while facepalming, "You and the ground seem to have quite a close relationship." He said sarcastically. He helped him up as he told him "Seriously though, are you ok?"

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