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Subscribe to this thread Mistfits of Ruskol - Chaptor 1: New Beginnings created by Aman3712 on September 19, 2015

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Edwardteach10/26/15 4:32pm
"It will come with time," i say reaching a hand out to help vic off the ground "And Gusto I am not a dark dreamkeeper" i say directly to gusto knowing he is the only one who'd truly understand

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Aman371210/26/15 4:49pm
"Ah, no problem!" Gusto bellowed as he then made his way back ot the kitchen, "Just making sure. Wouldn't want another of those Dark Dreamkeepers making a mess like last time!"

"Yeah, thanks," Victor says, blushing as he looked away from Loki, "Could have gotten up myself."

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TheDeadlyFB10/26/15 5:23pm
"Hey, no need to get defensive, Vic. As I said, it was just curiosity." Hank said to Victor, sounding almost apologetic. "And since everyone is being so open about their powers like it wasn't a big deal, well, might as well come clean myself." Hank took of one of his gloves, extended his open hand, and began concentrating. Soon a blue halo appeared over his head, and small bolts and sparks of electricity began emanating from his hand. "Cool, huh?" he said, with a rather smug expression.

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Edwardteach10/26/15 6:00pm
"Hold that there for a moment!" I say hurriedly i pull out a glass ball from my bag and m halo forms over my head and i clap the ball between my hands and stick it into your electricity, and your electrcity suks into the ball and sits in a hallow spot like a lite bulb.

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TheDeadlyFB10/26/15 6:46pm
Hank gave an approving nod, as he said "Well, I think you just made a portable light source.". He closed his hand and stopped generating electricity, but the light in the glass ball stayed there. "I'll admit, that was pretty clever." While he put his glove back on, he said to Loki, "You know? We could use someone like you down in my father's workshop."

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Edwardteach10/26/15 7:09pm
"You could but i wont work for anyone, i need a reason to work" i say wrapping the glass ball in a piece of scrap leather

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TheDeadlyFB10/26/15 7:23pm
Hank sat back in is chair, arms crossed "And I suppose money is not a good enough reason?" He then shrugged and said, "Then again, my father is quite the cheapskate, so he probably wouldn't want to pay for another worker. Hell, he probably wouldn't pay me if he could help it."

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Edwardteach10/26/15 7:30pm
"not really, i can make what i need" i grin then i cover my mouth "Oops that wasnt supposed to come out" i gasp, and i pick up the wood knife and twirl it in my hand.

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TheDeadlyFB10/26/15 7:55pm
Hank chuckled at this. "At least you're honest about it. Well, since money is not a problem, then what would be a good reason?"

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Edwardteach10/26/15 8:24pm
"I will know a good reason when i am given on' i say and I sit don a take a slce ofpizza that has been sitting on my plate and eat it "Hmm this is good Gusto, hey linna?"

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Aman371210/27/15 8:31am
"Yes?" Linna said to Loki, sitting at a nearby seat. At this point, only a couple of slices remained, in which Victor gorged himself on to get rid of his sorrows.

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Edwardteach10/27/15 2:30pm
"So, what do you think ofmypower?, amd do you know yours?" i say looking at you

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Aman371210/30/15 7:06pm
"I-It's interesting!" Linna says with a smile, "I don't really know about my power... But i'm really interested in them."

Victor shot a quick glare at Loki before turning back.

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joeden10/30/15 9:45pm
Brandon went to sit down and swiped another slice of pizza and began to eat it, thinking, 'that was close damned if he didn't roll that four I'd have to go into a further explanation then just luck... Wait where's my die?' He began looking around feeling his pockets and said, "anyone seen my die?"

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Edwardteach10/31/15 9:11am
Oh cool"I turn to brandon "I'm sorry about your die it was in the handful I transmuted, I can give you the money to get a new one, though"

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