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Subscribe to this thread Mistfits of Ruskol - Chaptor 1: New Beginnings created by Aman3712 on September 19, 2015

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Aman37129/19/15 5:45am
"Misfits aren't misfits among other misfits."

~Barry Manilow

Trash cans rattled and fell over like bowling pins as a male student was slammed against the wall. Although bruised and beaten, the student kept a cocky grin on his face as he stared at the three bullies who were roughing him up. His eyes had a playful yet cocky aura that kept fueling the bullies with rage, in which they had expressed through hard punches and jabs. As the three bullies stared at the shockingly cheerful student, the leader of the three bullies, who was a red bull who wore blue jeans as well as a jock shirt and a red handkerchief around his neck, grabbed the student by the scruff of his shirt and lifted him up. "You must really like being a wise-ass, dontcha?" The bull teased, giving a threatening grin, "This is what happens when shit-headed scoundrels like you flirt on my girlfriend!"

"Yeah, sorry about that, Red. I should have brought chocolate for her, I mean, everyone loves chocolate, am I right?" The student snickered at Red, causing the bull's face to twist in rage. The student continued to speak, baring his calm grin and his cocky eyes, "What can I say? It was her own damn fault that I fell for her; If she wasn't so sexy, I wouldn't have flirted on her! Hey hey, I got an idea!how about you put a mustache on your girlfriend?" Suddenly, a hard fist collided with his gut as Red threw him to the ground. "Come on, guys." He then said to his bully companions, "I'd rather waist my time with a seagull than Victor."

As the bullies left, Victor, the student they just beat up, sat up as he started to rub his head. Although lean and lanky, Victor sports some small, muscular build thatís visible on his arms and chest. He is a cross between a cat and a lizard, with yellow fur and brown scales on his forehead and his arms. His head is in the shape of a gecko and has crimson eyes. Victor has digitigrade legs and two tails, with each of them ending with a point made of scales. Victor usually wears a green short sleeve shirt as well as a pair of brown pants and a silver necklace with a rusty key on it. He also wears a brown Stetson hat, given to him by an old friend

"Jeez, what a lovely day." He said, spitting out a tooth as he slowly struggled onto his feet. His body ached like a son-of-a-gun, but the pain barely fazed his mood. He was in fact excited, very excited. Although the school had ended for they day, he was heading back to the school for his own ambitions before the bullies spotted him and roughed him up. As he began walking again, he made his way to the high school, grinning with excitement as he stepped through the front doors. Fe figured that students were still hanging out at the high school as usual, and kept high spirits as he made his way to the lunchroom...

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joeden9/19/15 7:20am
Brandon rolled the dice and said, "looks like I won again Max!" The otter grumbled as he got up, "that was my lunch money why do I win at first then loose it all." The otter then left the lunch room, leaving Brandon laughing as he collected the money on the table and his die.

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Edwardteach9/19/15 7:58am
A new kid to this school walks in and he wanders the hallways he walks by the lunch room and see some of the other students in there and thought "Nah I don't want to meet anyone right now" and keeps walking and I walk around the corner and I walk by a student that looked rather beat up, "Oh, are you alright?" I say walking over to him.

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TheDeadlyFB9/19/15 10:13am
A thin figure slowly moved through the school hallways, his feet dragging against the ground, his head looking down at the ground, his eye barely open, every now and then letting out a yawn that sounded more like a moan, not unlike a zombie from a cheesy horror movie.
It was of course nothing of the sort, just the student named Hank, trying his best to stay awake after a sleepless night of work.

He is a cat with silver fur and blue eyes. Tall and thin, with no muscle to speak of. Hank has digitigrade legs and a long tail.
He wears a blue hoodie and a pair of blue pants. He also wears a eye patch over his left eye, and black leather gloves.

"It's official, this is my dumbest experiment yet." He thought to himself. He just needed to stay awake until he could get any beverage with sugar from the lunchroom, so he could test the "anti-sleep serum" he had been working on. "I really need to get an assistant, being my own guinea pig can't be good for me in the long term." he kept thinking to himself, but truth be told, he actually liked doing these experiments on his own, even if they were bad for his health.

As he entered into the lunchroom, he stopped for a moment to try and look for an empty table. After a taking a quick look around, he finally found an empty table in by the corner, a bit far from where the food was, but frankly he couldn't find a better place at that time. He clumsily dragged himself towards the table, tripping over other students on the way.
After much stumbling and many angry comments ("Watch it, cyclops!" being the most common) he finally reached the table.

He let himself collapse on the chair, and slumped over the table, thinking to himself "At least nothing big will happen today"

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Aman37129/19/15 10:33am
"Ah, it's nothin." Victor chuckled, looking at the new kid. Suddenly, Lewis jumps up onto a table and says in a loud voice and his arms out, "Hey guys! It's ya old pall Vic!!" The students payed no attention to him, but he continued to speak, "I, the coolest student in this joint, is making a new club!! Anyone's welcome, and there's pizza!!"

"How about shut up?" A random student yells to Victor, creating giggles among the students. "I didn't say that was a option, smart-ass." Victor retaliated, staring at the student with a raised eyebrow, "But any who, who wants to be friends with the coolest kid around? Any one?"

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Edwardteach9/19/15 10:54am
"I'm not a good judge of character,but I think we need to clean the wounds quick" says the worried kid, who is dressed nicely in his vest, but looked oddly compatible with his nice but messy hairstyle, and his bright silver blue eyes stood out, "I'm not sure about coolest but defiantly annoying yes, I am Echo."

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Aman37129/19/15 2:31pm
"Well I'm Victor, the COOLEST kid in these parts!" Victor says to Echo, jumping down to shake his hand, "And for the record, I'm totally fine!" As he spoke, a small dripple of blood came from his nose. "Er, on second thought, I think I could go for a Q-tip."

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TheDeadlyFB9/19/15 3:35pm
As Hank was about to fall asleep, he was sudenly awoken by a noise. More specifically, a student yelling. Annoyed, he was about to yell something witty back, but someone had already beat him to it. Too bad it didn't seem to work, the student was still yelling nonsense, something about a club, "Maybe they have soda, aswell. I could use some right now." Hank thought, his mind still blurry from the lack of sleep.

"Hey, if I join, will that make you stop yelling?" Hank said, then added "Also, do you have soda? If so, then i'm in." He said without even thinking, just wanting to try his serum so the experiment could end.

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Aman37129/19/15 3:58pm
Victor looked at Hank with a snarky look and purposely yelled, "Oh yeah, we got plenty of soda! I'm guessing you're thinkn about being pals?"

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Edwardteach9/19/15 6:10pm
"come here" I say to Vic reaching into my satchel "I have some swabs here, now sit your arse down" "Oh hello there you are?" i say turning to look at the kid tha looked like he was about to pass out "Oh I think you need to go take a nap"

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TheDeadlyFB9/19/15 7:57pm
Normally he would have probably answered with something snarky at that response, or just walked away all together, but the lack of sleep was really starting to affect him, and he really just wanted to feel better, so he just let out a long exasperated sigh, and said "Yeah, sure, pals. Whatever."

"I'm going to regret this soon, aren't I?" He though to himself, his brain realizing just what he had done.

He then turned to face the other student, and said, "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine when I get a soda." He took a small breath and then said "Name's Hank. Friends call me Shock. And please, try to refrain from calling me Cyclops, Lazy eye, or any other nickname regarding my eye." He yawned a bit before saying to both of them "So, what's yours? Names I mean."

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Aman37129/20/15 5:33am
"Yeah sure, wise-ass." Victor said to himself in a very low tone so that no one else would hear. He then made a wide smile as he then said, "Any who, I'm happy so see that you two wanna join my club! WE gots soda, pizza, games, and all kinds of sweat stuff!"

Victor had an anxious look as he looked around for a moment, as if checking the parameter for anyone. He then looked back at this new friends and said, "Wanna hang out somewhere?"

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joeden9/20/15 5:57am
Brandon looked at this group and smiled thinking, quick buck, if not a free meal, and slid up saying, "hellow there mind if I join ya?" He just smiled at the group with that con man's smile, looked trustful enough not to be taken as anything to suspicious.

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Aman37129/20/15 6:26am
"Oh, sure!" Victor says with a wide grin, "There's always room, mate!"

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Edwardteach9/20/15 9:53am
"I'm Loki, but I am more often called Echo, as I am just an Echo" I take an alcohol swab and I run it over the scratch on vics cheek, "Oh by the way this is going to sting"

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