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Subscribe to this thread I swear I don't bite. But I will beat you if I have to. created by Roan on February 14, 2013

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Roan2/14/13 1:00pm
Yeah Yeah Yeah... So, Hello everybody. I am back, for the time being. I actually like the newer forum better than the old one, since it matches the Home Page more, but I think I'm going to hang out on the older thread till all these little buggies get cleaned up. Can you guys hand over some ideas for me? I'm thinking about making up a mystery/murder RP soon.

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Thegunner182/14/13 3:25pm
Hello again, Roan. :) Come join the party! The party of...adding new posts to the new threads ^^ Anyway, if an RP idea pops into my head, I'll head over to you.

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Roan2/14/13 4:44pm
Hello Gunner, we meet once again. I've already gained myself a few ideas, but I'm not sure if they'll come around. Since the old forum is gone now, I guess Silver is gunna have to remake the RP isn't he? XD

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Thegunner182/14/13 4:50pm
Yeah, I guess he will. Those bugs need to be fixed first, though. There's one bug where you aren't able to do a new line. That's disastrous for RPs :P So yeah, he'll probably transfer the RP over once all the bugs are gone. And why aren't you sure that your ideas will come around?

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Roan2/15/13 11:05am
I'm not sure. I have many ideas in hand... but none of them just never seem to click.

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Thegunner182/15/13 2:42pm
Hm...What kind of ideas would you like to have? I mean, you've got the general gist of what the RP is going to be about (mystery/murder), but have you got anything in particular you want to know?

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Roan2/15/13 9:21pm
I want something that is going to sweep somebody's character off their feet and give them a real pounding. On the old thread, ther ewas this RP where characters where stranded on an island, and they faced many challenges of death. I want to do something like that.. but not completely like that...

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Thegunner182/16/13 4:16pm
Okay, yeah. I'm familiar with that sort of thing (well, we were both in that RP you're talking about, so yeah :P)

Maybe you could do something where you have a group of 'Keepers who are taking part in a game show of sorts. A game show along the lines of maybe...big brother. At least, that's what the contestants think. They think it'll just be like any other show there's ever been, but only when a mysterious creature begins to pick off the production crew one by one does terror truly make a name for itself.

Welp. I just kinda went off on a tangent there and did a sort of description of what the RP could be ^-^ You don't have to go with it, by the way!

Have you seen the film Alien? I think it'd be cool if you took some inspiration from that. :3 They really nailed the survival horror/mystery aspect of things. But I dunno. Whatever you want to do. :)

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Roan2/16/13 10:49pm
Your first idea wasn't bad. I think I might make that kind of RP. Planning time! :D

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Thegunner182/17/13 11:40am
Awesome! Honestly, though, you don't have to go with it if you don't really like it. I don't mind at all. :)

But! If you do like it that's cool. ^-^ If you need anymore help/advice with the planning then let me know. :D

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Roan2/17/13 11:43am
This is why you are a friend Gunner.

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Thegunner182/17/13 11:53am
Anytime, Roan. :) Also, where did you get the picture of your DK done from? Was it a commission?

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Avolendi2/17/13 1:33pm
Hello, I figured with the newlines fixed it'd be a good time to start checking to new forum more often :)

As for ideas. Maybe a combination of a horror house with a murder mystery house with some DK spice added? What came to mind when reading was the following:

People have ended up in a house. They don't know how, maybe they are dreaming, maybe they got kidnapped. Either way it's made clear (a bloody note?) that trying to sneak out is a bad idea. As they explore, they find things. Sometimes good, sometimes bad and often disturbing things. Maybe a monster in a closet? Maybe an axe. But who would you feel safe holding it when people start mistrusting eachother? Maybe a trap?

Additional random thoughs:
- Everyone might have gotten a note slipped into their pockets, telling them a secret about another or a goal they need to achieve? Or perhaps just a grocery list?
- As people find things, together or as a team, they can choose to share with others, or try to save themselves. Maybe as time goes on, things that were known or sure before change. Behind that door were just some shelves before? Now stairs to a damp basement.
- Power may suddenly go out. Try to have a light if you want to see where you're going. But then other things might also see you.
- You hear a scream, your friend suddenly looks a bit paler and his eyes seem different. Or are you just imagining things? You might find out next time you turn your back to him.

Hope this helps ^^

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Thegunner182/17/13 1:50pm
Av's back, and back with a vengeance. You outdid my idea by a couple of miles, that's for sure! You've got some nice concepts there which could certainly lead to some, er...awkward moments. Awkward moments involving death, of course.

Also, if there's a 'Keeper stuck somewhere (be it an abandoned house/town/whatever) and they need to pull a lever or push a button to get somewhere, a timer could begin to count down. They have no idea what will happen when that timer gets to zero. Will fluffy bunnies suddenly drop from the ceiling? Or perhaps something a little more sinister? Something like...fluffy bunnies with no heads.

That would be tense as hell.

P.S: Alien...Watch it. ;)

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Roan2/18/13 12:19am
I just finished watching Aliens. Quite a strange, but oddly interesting movie. o3o
Avolendi, you just made my day. :D

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