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Dreamkeepers Forums - Halloween Fan Art Contest; Tenth Anniversary Addition!

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Subscribe to this thread Halloween Fan Art Contest; Tenth Anniversary Addition! created by Kirito on September 14, 2015

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DanWithTheHat10/31/15 7:30pm
Congrats to all the winners! I had a good time looking at all the art myself. Maybe I will submit something next year once I do more drawing on my Surface...

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Kirito10/31/15 7:31pm

You definetly should! I'd love to see more artists around here. Feel free to attempt the junekeeper challenge as well!

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TalkedSpy11/1/15 7:52am

Congrats to you on being runner-up for the Creepiness Category Ki. I would like to note the nice little reference to "The Shining". Pretty clever. ;)

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Dawonguy11/1/15 11:06am
@Kirito: junekeeper challenge?

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Kirito11/1/15 11:20am

Thanks! Love the movie.


JunekeeperChallenge is an event that takes place every June. Anyone that wants to complete it has to create some form of dreamkeeper fanart for ever day during the month.

The next competition will take place in 212 days! Keep an eye out for the thread if you want to compete.

Read about it more here:

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Dawonguy11/1/15 4:54pm
@Kirito: So can drawings be stockpiled (as in multiple drawings being made in one day but posting only one everyday for the challenge) or be made once a day just not posted until later? Chances are that I'll be busy during some days.

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