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Subscribe to this thread Hold on let me grab a sketchbook! created by VLZerda on September 6, 2015

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VLZerda9/6/15 9:37pm
Hey there everyone. I've kind of been a lurker for a long time, but decided I wanted in on the fun. My love for this series has no boundaries. I read a lot of webcomics, and DK is definitely in my top 5, if not right at the top.
I have been debating on a long time creating what I think my DK guardian looks like, and if I have time I would love to do some fanart of the characters I like most (Namah).

Random fact about myself, I want to be a freelance artist one day, full time. Never ending commission flow would be great, but I enjoy that I still have time to make my own art.
If I knew the link formats I would link my current gallery.

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Kirito9/7/15 6:11am
Hey there!

Already sent you my welcome and stuff ^^;

Glad to see another artist here! If you have an FA/Weasyl/DeviantArt/Other, just post the link like so: (<- my FA) here and/or on your profile under "I'm online here".

We'd also love to have your stuff in the FanArt section! Just post relevant pieces here:

And again, absolutely phenomenal people here! So many personalities mesh together so well; it makes for great conversation. Above all, have fun!

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ZycantAlpha9/7/15 10:29am
Welcome to the group, VLZerda! Always nice to see artists join the fold amongst us!

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MobileCrusader9/8/15 4:27am
Hello there, I am MobileCrusader, moderator and pillar of morality for the community. OK, maybe not, but saying I'm a mod didn't seem like enough.

If you ever need anything, just ask!

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Prometheus9/8/15 8:12pm
Hi there. :D Welcome to the DreamKeepers forum!

I am Prometheus, one of four moderators here on the forum. MobileCrusader up above this comment, as well as DanWithTheHat and PotatoFox, are my three fellow mods. Be sure to contact us throught PM's if you need to say or ask anything. ^^

Also, be sure to note the rules for the forum. Since you appear to be an artist, if you draw NSFW material, it would be best to review the rules for linking adult images, which can be found in the stickied thread in the DK Art Gallery subsection. Also be mindful of spoilers of Volume 4, the most recent addition to the series. Supporters of the Kickstarter for the book received their copy a long while back and spoilers have since been posted, so be mindful of threads and comments containing spoiler warnings. If you are a supporter as well and have read your copy or found spoilers elsewhere that you wish to share, be sure to mark your comments accordingly. Simple rules for this can be found in the stickied thread in the Story Discussion subsection.

And, with that wall of text out of the way, I will say welcome again to our forum and am glad to have another member in our fold. Please enjoy yourself here. :D

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VLZerda9/9/15 11:05pm
No need to worry about me giving out spoilers luckily. Don't have access to v4, as badly as I want it. As for the nsfw also not my style, but I did check all the forums to make sure I knew where to post what. Thanks for the welcome though!

@MobileCrusader, did you make the Namah cosplay? I remember checking out the art section and yourname popped up in the bast cosplay with a link to a Namah cosplay.

@Kirito One day I will make tons of fanart, got to get through a bunch of trades first. So no special html required for the forums then? That makes it tons easier.

@ZycantAlpha really neat name, and thanks.My galleries almost never update online. It's all on my ig honestly.

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MobileCrusader9/10/15 6:30am
Yep that was me, and im in the works of making a Shock trooper cosplay at the moment. Its also in the lookit this section.

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FoxPhantom9/11/15 5:24pm
Welcome to the forum, always nice to have another artist around.
Quite fun drawing the fan art too.

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DanWithTheHat9/12/15 1:28pm
Welcome to the forums! I am one of the other mods here with mobile and pro. It's nice to see more artists come on here. We have so many talented artists already so you are in good company. :)

It wasn't brought up yet but we have a weekly chat with Dave Lillie every Thursday night at 9 PM Eastern time. Next week, it will be held at Dave's first ever live stream so that should be really fun. Links to it will be posted in the chat thread.

As for posting links, just make sure to paste it in with a space before and after other words and the links will be made automatically when posted.

I hope you have a good time! ^^

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ezioauditore979/15/15 6:10pm
Hi there! Always nice to see another artist!

This is my Deviantart:

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TalkedSpy10/20/15 5:23pm
Hello Ms. ZLZerda! My real name is Orlando, but you can call me “TalkedSpy” on the forums if you wish. I am a 15 year old sophomore attending Charter Tech High School and am studying film as my major. Just to let you know ahead of time, unfortunately, I am a teen who has been diagnosed with autism and ADHD at an early age. Due to these illnesses, there has been, and will be at times where I would act a bit over-the-top or over-reactive, but luckily, it isn’t as bad as what others have with them. I may act socially awkward as a result, but I am a very fluent, kind, and smart person who hopes to have interesting and engaging conversations with you and everyone else on the forums!

If there’s anything that you want to ask or tell to me at all, you are welcomed to come and talk to me. However, due to me having school during most of the week, and doing other personal stuff as well at times, I might not always be on the forums, but I’ll see what I can do. Take care, and I hope to see you around!

(P.S. For any contact info, please send me either a PM or an email at or at

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to go and eat my pancakes with black coffee while having C4 strapped to my chest, which, might possibly, explode at any second.....

*sips coffee*

......yep. :3

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