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Subscribe to this thread Misfits of Ruskol created by Aman3712 on September 2, 2015

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Edwardteach10/13/15 3:38am
I could roll it I just set it on the table

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TheDeadlyFB10/14/15 8:43pm
Um, Nix, I already picked 1. Was it a mistake or is Hank supossed to react to that? Just asking.

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Nix10/18/15 6:54pm
Both! :D

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TheDeadlyFB10/19/15 6:13am
Okay, glad we sorted that out. Will post something accordingly then.

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Aman371210/19/15 5:19pm
I'm sorry if the RP has been running a bit slowly lately. I'm gonna try and be more active :)

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Aman371210/22/15 10:06am
The most recent post was just for laughs XD. Nothing serious or anything

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Edwardteach10/23/15 2:45pm
I figured that, and I just was kinda going along with it

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Aman371210/23/15 7:55pm

You sly devil XD

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TheDeadlyFB10/23/15 8:35pm
Well, that escalated quickly.

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Edwardteach10/23/15 8:43pm

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