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Dreamkeepers Forums - Shock Trooper Cosplay Discussion Thread

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Subscribe to this thread Shock Trooper Cosplay Discussion Thread created by MobileCrusader on August 27, 2015

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MobileCrusader8/27/15 7:31pm
So in case you all did not hear, I have decided on my next DK Cosplay. Surprise.

So This is the part where I lay all the stuff out and you all make suggestions or criticisms.

Reference Pic:

Springer Rifle: Getting it commissioned by a Mr. Christopher Joseph of Crion's Customs. He'g got an Esty with some pretty cool modded Nerf Guns. I met him at Anthrocon and he was chill. Pics soon. He just started the thing so its no big deal.

Im not attached to this specific item but its more or less what i want. Im not gonna do the ears or tail because that is hard.

Face Mask:
There are hundereds of these and I will be buying the cheapest and most highly rated one.

Something like this will be good.

Just a Black long sleeve shirt.

Just some black Scrubs since sweat pants will be hot.

Elbow/Knee pads:
The black ones yo

I prolly wont buy these, ill find ones that look similar but are not quite so steam punk.

I have so many of these and I dont like any of them.
Kinda like that one but no codpiece and wrong color
Bulky, branded, and expensive but closer to what im looking for
Reasonable price, closer to the look, no codpiece and id have to cut it up a bit.
I want suggestions on that part.

Pauldrons and Grieves:
I have no ideas for this part

Combat boots:
I have not really looked for these yet. Foot size US-11 Mens if any of you are curious.

So yea. thats whay i got so far.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier8/27/15 7:33pm
Best of luck Master of DK cosplay ;)

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ZycantAlpha8/27/15 7:35pm
No criticisms or real suggestions jump out at me yet, but I don't think you should lose too much sleep over the ears and tail. I think Dave draws them the same because of the whole "faceless/nameless soldier" deal, but Dreamkeepers have a lot of different designs and body types, so you'd probably be OK without them.

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