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Subscribe to this thread Forgotten Luck [ reboot ] OOC created by Roan on August 23, 2015

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Roan8/27/15 4:39pm
If your character dies, you are welcome to throw in another, who we can just say, was lingering in the background until the current moment your other character dies. Also, I will be coming home shortly, and then I can get the starting post and my first character up. If there are any newbies joining this roleplay, their characters were minor, or, they were thrown in early. I have a plan where characters reach a certain safe zone, like a checkpoint, and newbies can be thrown in from there. Everybody get what I'm saying?

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ZycantAlpha8/27/15 4:51pm
Sounds good to me.

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Aman37128/27/15 5:11pm
Kk :D

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TheDeadlyFB8/27/15 5:25pm

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CoolCoyote8/27/15 9:11pm
Sounds good :v

*but continues to ask questions like a newb*

Will there be dice rolling?

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Roan8/31/15 9:06am
I've never really gotten the idea of dice rolling, so, you might have to explain that to me. My apologizes, I have barely any history or work with dice rolling on this website.

Oh, and sorry about this, but due to extra-curricular activities I have with this week, *cough cough* school *cough cough* and horse stuff, i will have to put this on hold until next weekend, when I actually have free time I can get a post up without any hard labor along with it.

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TheDeadlyFB8/31/15 10:48am
Yeah, I don't get how this dice rolling things works either, so i too would appreciate some guidance with it.

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CoolCoyote8/31/15 12:02pm
Dice rolling is simply basing your response on the number you roll. Say player Fox attacks you. You roll high so you dodge....or you roll low and get an injurry. Etc etc etc

Im ok with spoofing (the normal rp way) so no sweat. :3
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TheDeadlyFB9/2/15 6:59am
Well, that sounds a lot easier than what I expected. Thanks for clearing it up.
I too am more used to "spoofing" than using dice rolls, but whatever Roan decides is fine by me.

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