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Subscribe to this thread Looking For A Story OOC created by Nix on August 13, 2015

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Aman37128/16/15 5:52am
Why's everyone shooting at the trio :(

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Nix8/17/15 10:03am
I feel like you were guilt tripping us when the trio died omfg xD

Tbh I only wanted to get the penguin D:

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Aman37128/17/15 2:58pm
Actualy, I think I'm gonna edit my post :(

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Nix8/18/15 9:39am
Pfff alright

Everyone does need to take damage though. There'd be no way the rp would be interesting if everyone dodged all the time >.>

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Aman37128/19/15 3:56pm
Yeah, sorry about that :(

With the new official character I'm introducing, I promis I'll Have my characters take more damage.

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Nix8/27/15 7:28pm
I'm thinking Nix takes the girl cop and nathan after the shoot out and the plot progresses from there.

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Aman37128/27/15 7:34pm

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Nix8/28/15 8:15pm
lol sorry but one of the cop's comrades just got shot and she's introducing herseld what

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Aman37128/28/15 8:23pm
The rookie is hiding behind a dumpster with Nathan and Nix had killed the officer who threw the bag at him.

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