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Dreamkeepers Forums - 50 Floors of Horror (A horror RP idea)

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Subscribe to this thread 50 Floors of Horror (A horror RP idea) created by Aman3712 on August 12, 2015

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Aman37128/15/15 2:39pm
Character accepted :D

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TheDeadlyFB8/19/15 9:59pm
So, I take it is not too late to join in right?

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Aman37128/20/15 7:04am
Just make a character sheet and you'll be all good!

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CoolCoyote8/23/15 12:59pm
How many players do we got and how many more do we need o.o

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Aman37128/23/15 1:18pm
Well, Edward and Kirito are interested in this RP, as well as another player named DeadlyFB. All of them, plus you, makes up four players, so we need one more

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Roan8/23/15 5:13pm
I volunteer as tribute for this roleplay. It's been a long time since I have been on here, so I'll start fresh with a new roleplay

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Aman37128/23/15 5:45pm

Now, before we begin, the players should post their character sheets :D

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Roan8/23/15 7:18pm
Alright. I'll be throwing in a girl, of course, I suck at roleplaying guys sometimes. It really just depends on the mood I'm in, but my character will be up shortly.

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Aman37128/25/15 6:45am

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Aman37129/18/15 7:31pm
Well, this one is dead

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Nix9/19/15 4:42pm
Because you kill them without making it in the actual rp section lmao

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Javelin9/19/15 7:40pm

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