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Subscribe to this thread Volume 5 Discussion Thread created by Prometheus on August 6, 2015

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Animefan182/10/16 11:53pm
ah so basically volume 4 ends the introduction to everything so far then?

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Animefan182/15/16 7:18pm
I have ideas/questions for what is to come in v.5:

I believe the isle of Logos, acts as both a haven and shield, as in protecting from nightmares and taking in anyone close to island. if grunn is the only survivor then that means he had a crew, but didn't die, just somehow brought to the island. what if Serapis knew that nabby was not going to be easily stuck in his underground mansion.

How is mace going to convince the troika that he received a message from the caverns in order to be taken to Logos to unlock his power? will he just him and grunn or Lilith, namah, whip, and Bast accompany him?

Why the heck was it a good idea to build the Sebbaton tower on top of what used to be nabby's mansion(now underground)?

that is all I have, i'll post more if I come with something

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BryanDimmsdale2/17/16 7:51am
Fun fact: Logos means "reality" or "truth" in Greek.

I see what you did there Dave! XD

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sporefox14/17/16 7:37am
This forum should be more ALIVE! Dave is working on v5 at a very quick pace honestly. I NEED OTTERS! Or at least one.... very tiny.... far in the distance... just fishing x3

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Prometheus4/17/16 10:37am

From what I read, there will be some otter in the next book. XD Fear not.


Yeah, that is a nice little clue they stuck in there. XP It makes it fairly obvious that Mace has to go there in order to find out where the relic is.

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WiseOwlReader4/18/16 1:30pm
I'm really looking forward to Vol 5. The first four novels kick everything off. I really cannot wait for the next novel. I kind of want to learn more about how the lore on this website ties into the story and if that comes in more.

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Prometheus4/18/16 4:58pm

I can't wait, either. X3 Production seems to be moving much more quickly now. It should not be as long of a wait this time.

I'm sure it will all get tied in somehow. The history section was given a lot of thought, so it would be crazy to not include all that material into the story.

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Tachello6/8/16 12:40pm
I just found this comic a few days ago by complete accident. I immediately powered through all 4 volumes and now i'm chomping at the bit waiting for v5!! This story is AWESOME!! right now I'm going through the prelude to kill some time. i love how this story is kicking off.

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wildcard10/2/16 8:49am
Who will be revealed as the traitor within Troika?

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Prometheus11/18/16 10:50pm
So, we just got our first look at a Volume 5 sneak peek recently. Apparently, a few Nightmares are attacking some village in front of a ziggurat, with dozens of geysers shooting up from the ground. Looks like we might be getting a glimpse of the Silent Centuries to start off the next volume.

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xodathe4bdn111/20/16 8:25am
from what we can see from this sketch
And from other sketches
I'm going with either
Silent centuries
Or some unlucky village located near something important to the nightmares
Or do to voids return nightmares under him are starting their lifelong tradition of kill all life and to hell with discretion

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AFox11/21/16 5:42pm

Has it been confirmed there is a traitor?

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Prometheus11/27/16 10:26pm

From what I can tell, there isn't a traitor to speak of. But, I would be absolutely amazed if there wasn't one. If I was Nabonidus or the City Guard, I would have a mole implanted in the only militarized force that could pose a threat to the system.

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ZycantAlpha11/28/16 6:09pm
I agree, this is something that Nabby's been planning for a while. He almost certainly knows of Troika's existence (or at least figured that an Underground of some sort would be there) since he ordered Tinsel to be captured by them. So the smartest thing he could do would be to plant someone on the inside of the group to keep the plan running smoothly.

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BryanDimmsdale11/28/16 7:27pm
If the CCA and the Anduruna Government has been infiltrated and corrupted, I'm pretty sure the Troika will be as well, we just haven't seen them yet, or Dave doesn't want want to let us see them. I mean, how was Nabby able to know this? And in volume 2, I believe Scinter and Igrath said that Tinsel is a traitor, meaning she might have been a Troika before and may have revealed some of the valuable information to the enemy, then she got caught.

If there was one like Tinsel that was able to enter the faction, how many more will be a double agent?

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