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Kirito8/3/15 3:53pm
This thread is dedicated to upcoming roleplaying methods, suggestions, and more.

As of right now we have an active roleplay (Party Down in Talocan) with a steady contribution/contributor rate. I personally will probably not be joining it due to lack of plot knowledge (if there is a plot?), but that doesnít matter. Hereís the breakdown of this thread:
Roleplaying Method
Attack System
No-Consent Roleplay

Roleplaying Method
A problem Iíve been seeing a lot of is the length of posts. For all future roleplays that I create/preside over as the GM, I will ask that all contributors have at least four sentences. Five or more is preferred, because it gives people a lot to work with for their post. As a creative writing exercise, roleplaying needs detail in order to bring a story to life. Imagine a novel with only one liners for character thoughts and actions! It wouldnít be a good read, I assure you. So I definitely think that post length is key.
In addition- Grammar! Grammar is absolutely crucial to a good roleplay. Choppy sentences really hurt the submersion factor, which is a big part of the experience. Hereís an example of some of my posts on the Black Blood Alliance roleplay forum. Iím playing as my character Fleet:

Fleet: The morning light had just graced the horizon, greeting it like an old friend. Although this union usually signified the beginning of the day, the young wolf had been running far before then. His deep red and light steel coat clashed like two warriors vying for attention as he dashed through the tough terrain. He cared not about the hardships of this particular journey; he had been running his whole life. Head held high, he traversed the forest and itís challenges: the roots, rock, and waters. He knew what he was searching for; what he sought. He was hungry, but that mattered not right now. His last hunt was a success, albeit a small victory. Being alone for much of his life, he could only achieve small game to sustain him. He tried not to think about a fresh meal now- and risk his concentration. One trip could cost him his legs, or worse: his life. At the pace he was going, there was hardly time for leisure thoughts. A split-second could mean the difference between getting entangled in brambles or falling off one of the numerous drop-offs that taunted him. Air streamed past his face, over his eyes and between his ears before dispersing down his back. He squinted hard to prevent foreign objects from trespassing into his eye, sacrificing all but his central vision because of it. Through the forest he ran, faster than he had ever gone; as though he was being chased. His life was not at risk, however, for as long as he could concentrate, he would be safe. After hours of strenuous charging through the dense underbrush, his nose caught the scent of something besides nature. He stopped, panting hard, and cocked his head towards the scent. He flattened his ears against his skull before bowing his head to search the forest floor. As his eyes closed, a new world was brought to life in front of him. He could smell his surroundings and paint a picture in his head. His world was a book and his nose was the reader, conversing to him everything it absorbed. He knew this was the place he sought. The border of Rubicund lay before him. He slowly removed himself from the earthy ground and looked behind him. He remembered his life up to this point: the hardships, the hunger, the heartbreak. He skirted the border cautiously, not daring to cross it, lest he be thought an intruder. He chose a large and shady tree to wait under. As he sat, his tail curled up beside him and he let out a breath of relief. He had made it this far, there was no going back. He threw his head back and let out a low, long note that lasted for quite a while before fading away as the air left his lungs. Someone would hear him. Someone had to hear him.

Thresher: It was too early for this bullshit.

Groaning, Thresher lifted himself off the floor of the cool forest, eyes blinking in the morning sun peeking through the canopy of trees. He let out a yawn, before stretching and making his way to his daily patrol of the border. It was so routine, every day, wake up, walk the border. Maybe accept a member here and there, if he liked them enough. It was growing old, even though he hadn't done it long.

The flame colored dire smacked his lips as he walked, growing bored in the same old, mundane trial he walked every day. It wasn't until a howl crossed his path that a smirk crossed his face. Finally, some fun. Taking his time to meet with whoever made the call, Thresher kept himself at a steady, walking pace, taking his leisure to find out who wanted to join the ranks of Rubicund. They had better be ready to prove themselves, whoever they were.

It didn't take long for a lone wolf, sitting all neat and pretty on the border, to come into Thresher's view. Red-ish in color, smaller then him, slimmer, a child. Thresher would call out to the possible recruit as he approached, "You're on Rubicund's border, what the hell do you want?" He'd snort as he made his final strides in approach, stopping a few feet from the stranger. "Make it fast kid, I ain't got all god damn day."

--end of exampleó

See what I mean? That was probably well over six hundred words for just two posts! The same scene could have been summed up like this:

Fleet: The wolf ran through the forest until he came to the Rubicund border. When the young wolf got there, he called out to alert anyone patrolling the border.

Thresher: The burly wolf was not in the mood for patrol today. As he trotted along the border he heard another wolf call out. He ran to greet the potential trespasser. ďInsert dialogue hereĒ.

Same posts, different level of detail. Anyway, onward.

Attack system
So weíve been using a dice system for the roleplay experience here. However, Iím thinking of using a three-dodge system in order to take strategy into consideration. What this means is that you can dodge up to three times before being forced to take a hit. However, you can take a hit earlier and reset your dodge count back to zero. Hereís an example:
Boy: Attacks
Man: Dodges, attacks (dodge count: 1)
Boy: Dodges, attacks (dodge count: 1)
Man: Gets hit, attacks (dodge count reset to 0)
Boy: dodges, attacks (dodge count: 2)
Man: dodges, attacks (dodge count: 1)
Boy: dodges, attacks (dodge count: 3)
Man: dodges, attacks (dodge count: 2)
Boy: Gets hit (dodge count maxed; forced to take hit)

Non-Consent Roleplay
For all of my future RPís, I will use the No Consent Roleplay System. What this means is, nobody needs permission to attack another playerís character. Your character, in addition, can die. This adds tension and forges a connection with the character knowing that you could die at any moment. Deaths will be judged by the GM- If they think that in the situation the character could not dodge and therefore dies, or suffered mortal wounds after a fight.

Iím planning a roleplay, but plots and stuff are still in the works. Itíll be pretty open with a goal in mind. So thatís it! Happy roleplaying guys.

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