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Subscribe to this thread Starfox created by Kymastrider on August 3, 2015

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Kymastrider8/3/15 1:31pm
come on guys, I noticed no one really wanted to talk about the new starfox on the E3 thread, so lets start a starfox conversation. Discuss some of our favorite moments from across the Lylat system.

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Jawson8/3/15 3:45pm
The original on the SNES was the best one.

I LOVED StarFox on Dinosaur Planet. It gave Fox a personality he desperately needed.

...and Krystal. Can't forget about her. :P

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Kymastrider8/8/15 11:07am
Back in the 90's Nintendo Power Ran a Starfox comic in there magazine based on the first game, its a good read as it gives some interesting background and origin story on fox. It also gives the characters some interesting personality.

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BryanDimmsdale8/8/15 11:11pm
Hehe, I'll be doing a little butt in here for now.

I've been a Starfox fan myself, but not as nostalgic and hardcore as you guys are. Though, I do find something interesting.

You guys are quite aware of the Starfox Zero right? . I can say that it's quite good, but older fans said it was just like the old one, kinda like Starfox 64. I also find it a bit linear though, but it's still good.

However, when I find this out: I was literally in shock. It's a fan made game, but it matches and levels to the recent one. And what's also surprising is that, it's not that obviously linear as if would in the official games. It's quite good as well.

Speaking of fan-mades, here's another comic: , and I must say, it's pretty good; the style, the background, and the transition is nicely done.

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Kymastrider1/16/16 7:31pm
Thought this was interesting, someone's been working on a Starfox animated Series, I have my doubts that were actually going to end up seeing some episodes since independant animation tends to be very difficult. Especially since this is entirely fanmade.

I made a playlist of all the different animation tests from over the years, there fun to watch.

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