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Subscribe to this thread Hello my fellows created by Vandorbelt on July 15, 2015

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Vandorbelt7/15/15 9:59pm
I've been hanging out on the V3 GNS updates page for a little while now, but i never bothered introducing myself here.

"Hi, I'm Vandorbelt, but most people just call me Vandor. It's easier that way."

There, now you know. I look forward to chillin' with everyone here on the forums every once in a while and reaping the benefits of Dave and Liz's incredible story and art.

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Kirito7/15/15 10:07pm
Hey There!

I've seen you around. I see DWTH has some competition for Bobby's number one fan 8 )

I'm Kirito, but everyone calls me Kit. I help moderate the skype chat and what not. Hope you continue enjoying our forums!

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DanWithTheHat7/16/15 4:27pm
Welcome Vandor. Nice to meet ya! I'm one of the forum moderators here. If you have any forum issues, don't hesitate to let us know.

Also nice to see another Bobby fan. Our ranks grow! ^_^

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ZycantAlpha7/16/15 11:15pm
Official welcomes to you then, Vandorbelt!

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MobileCrusader7/17/15 8:49am
Welcome! I'm MobileCrusader, moderator extraordinar! If you ever need anything, don't be a stranger.

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