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Dreamkeepers Forums - Who Can't Obtain Volume Four?

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Subscribe to this thread Who Can't Obtain Volume Four? created by Kirito on July 10, 2015

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Kirito7/10/15 2:30pm
I was thinking to get a list of people who won't be able to read v4 even when it officially comes out. I'll try to tread carefully with spoilers around these people.

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AlextheTeknian7/12/15 11:28am
I think I dont count since I have already read Vol 4 wich was awesome. just if you needed to know.

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Dawonguy7/12/15 1:22pm
I'm planning on getting v4 on Amazon when it comes out, but I do I have a friend that has the PDF. I'm kind of questioning if it'd be okay for me to be a freeloader and read it because I'm planning on buying it later.(The ethical side of me is saying no, but I still want to read it as you can imagine.)

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Animefan187/13/15 7:58am
Im getting volume 4 once its in online store. (Gotta have ma dk fix)

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MobileCrusader7/14/15 11:29am
I know a lot of people are just biting at the chops to get a copy of the PDF when it hits the store.

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MaddTheSane9/6/15 12:14am
Perhaps there can be a new sub-thread for discussion V4 spoilers?

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Kirito9/6/15 3:22am

Such a thread exists! Go here:

to discuss all the happenings in volume 4. Or, equally, avoid such a thread to miss any spoilers.

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AlphaMoron12/10/15 3:37pm
I am going to be reading my friends copy he ordered (along with the special edition, buttons, stickers, posters and everything else but the clothingXD) I think he does the kikstarter stuff, but until im able to hold a decent job I am going to have to wait. I won't get a paying position until Jan.4 and I have a lot of stuff to pay

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Javelin12/10/15 8:16pm
This will be interesting!
Anyone thinks v4 will come out during the holiday?

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MobileCrusader12/12/15 6:39pm
Dave said it will go live on the site after all the kick-starter stuff is shipped.

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Kirito12/13/15 3:01pm
-Which he's going through very efficiently. As of the last e-mail update he's 42% finished as to shipping v4 kickstarter goods.

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Scottieboy20203/15/16 7:52pm
I haven't acquired it yet... That being said, I personally love spoilers. They give me something to think about, a small bit of the story to theorize about and eventually piece together when I read the actual book.
They also give me something to look forward to. Anyone else think like me? Or am I the odd one out again haha XD

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Javelin3/15/16 9:35pm
Is their a chance David could have some of the GNS on Amazon?
And like maybe reserve them for people who don't have access to a credit card?
I'm not sure how selling stuff on Amazon works

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