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Subscribe to this thread Command & Conquer created by RashallVetkay on July 6, 2015

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RashallVetkay7/6/15 5:37pm
Was just wondering if there are any C&C veterans here.

I think I've played every Command & Conquer titled game that has ever come out lol. It is a great RTS franchise and will remain my favorite.

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Havoc7/7/15 7:50pm
C&C was my first RTS's I've played most of the C&C titles except for renegad.

As you wish.

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ST34LTH8/12/15 7:38am
Unfortunately this well be a bit of a necro-post, but in my absence from the forum, I'd - for obvious reasons - not noticed any of the developments.

I've personally played each and every C&C game, including the pre-C&C Dune games, which imo deserves waaay more credit than they got.

That I actually own and have played C&C 4... Sigh, I dunno how and/or why, but I own it and have played it for a bit, hoping it would prove better than it was. I'm ashamed :S

Imo, C&C (3) Tiberium Wars, C&C Generals: Zero Hour, Red Alert (the original) and Dune 2000 are some of the greatest RTS games to have ever graced this planet of ours. I'm personally also a sucker for C&C Tiberium Sun, but I think that's because of how amazing it was for its time (which was when I originally got into C&C, beyond Red Alert and technically Dune too), although I objectively see it as a pretty poor game by now XD.

It's sad that WestWood was bought up and disbanded, since imo they were one of the three greatest strategy developers on the globe. Bloody hell EA >.<

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Kymastrider11/25/15 7:27pm
I've never played command and conquer, yet alone heard of it or Westwood Studios.

The Reason I may most likely Never play it is because the franchise is currently owned by EA, and the only way to play any of the older games on my computer would be to download them off EA's Origin, and I heard Yahtzee from Zero punctuation mention that EA's Origin is really bad. I heard most PC gamer's hate EA's Origin to.

Machinima Made a pretty good Retrospect of that Series a few years ago.

Command & Conquer Part 1: Supply & Demand

Command & Conquer Part 2: Corporations & Communists

Command & Conquer Part 3: Diverging & Merging

Command & Conquer Part 4: New & Old

Command & Conquer Part 5: Death & Beyond

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