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Vandorbelt7/22/15 10:38pm
Just read Volume 4! It did not disappoint.

And, to hop into the conversation, I think Grunn is the only one who could possibly be the survivor from Logos. He was, after all, a sailor, and so far we know very little about his past other than that he wrecked his ship and shortly afterwards started the orphanage. I'm actually really excited to see how things pan out in V5 seeing as he's the most likely candidate to lead an overseas expedition to Logos as well as the fact that he and Mace will have to work closely together in the future. On the topic, V4 didn't show much of Mace's response to suddenly being reacquainted with Vi and Bobby. I'm hoping that'll be expanded upon later as well as a possible explanation for Vi and Bobby's employment with the Troika in a future Prelude...

Also, it would seem as though the huge mansion that was the cursed centerpiece of Anduruna during the Silent Centuries was actually Nabonidus's manor. Also, the translated text makes a large reference to Serapis who, if you've read up on your history...
( )
...Was the divine deity of the Extollo. I'd venture to guess that after Nabonidus was defeated and trapped within the walls of his mansion by Serapis's masons, thus ending the SC, Serapis sent her Extollo warriors to reclaim the land, only to find that the dreamkeepers of Anduruna had learned to fend for themselves...
Only problem is, with Logos cast into the sea, the dreamkeepers have lost their connection to the ancient spirits and it would seem that Nabonidus's imprisonment was more temporary than they thought.
I continue to wonder if we will be seeing any of the Serapeans because it would seem as though Anduruna is still fond of honoring its agreement to stay within the walls despite all other knowledge from the time fading into myths and speculation. Are the Serapeans still a threat if Anduruna decides that it wants to expand? I guess we'll find out in a later Volume...

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Kirito7/23/15 7:32pm

I'm nearly positive Grunn is the person referred to as the survivor from Logos. They even look at him when they say that.

Also, yes, Serapis is most likely the godess of Extollo.

Questions answered, but more questions accumulated. Tis' a viscous cycle...

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DanWithTheHat7/24/15 8:07am
Grunn was the only survivor of his crew to come back from that sailing trip before he settled down and based on this volume, we found out he was the only person to make it to Logos and return. I'm guessing he got there either by some disaster which killed his crew and he washed up there. or got there unexpectedly and the inhabitants weren't so friendly which ended up killing all his crew.

Also Sarapis being the goddess of extollo is confirmed in the history pages. In the extollo section, it is described how the extollo wanted the Andurunans to worship their god, Sarapis, and Anduruna refused, hence the huge war.

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Digitigraderobo7/27/15 2:04pm
Tia's design is so cool :D seahorses are sometimes called sea dragons. And she's like a literal sea dragon, a cross between a seahorse and a dragon, awesome.

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ezioauditore977/28/15 6:02am
I like Tia;She seems really neat and I'm glad Nainso has such a nice adjutant/confidante.

Depressing/mildly humorous Grunn backstory;Here we come!

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Kirito7/28/15 7:35pm
My favorite v4 character is Rumour, no question.

@Ezio: I'm very excited to see how Grunn managed to survive his trip to Logos. I'm betting it won't be very humorous...

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ezioauditore977/31/15 4:01pm
@Kirito Hey,nobody's born like that and I'm sure it'll be heart-wrenching,but it isn't exactly cool with the way he abused the orphans either so there's that small little factor. Grunn being more of the reluctant guardian of Mace and Co. though certainly wouldn't be a terrible idea though given that he can duke out some punishment to the bad guys. He's *mostly* a good guy though,flaws aside especially given that the Troika made him do that(Which I'm sure Mace'll not be happy about when he finally puts 2 and 2 together)and I'm sure we'll warm up to him a wee bit more.

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Kirito8/1/15 11:32am

In this volume, although he didn't get nearly enough screen time, Dave seemed to tone down his stupidity. I really am excited to see what transpired on his trip to Logos.

I wonder...

Drinking is a way for people to cope with depression or grief...perhaps the trip was really traumatic for him?

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Prometheus8/2/15 12:57pm

I would think so. I mean, he is the only one to have made it home alive. For all we know, him and his crew had to sail through who knows how many storms. Sailing back in the day was no picnic in our world, so we can expect that to be a parallel. Also, as some have predicted, the Logos locals may not be that friendly. Grunn probably witnessed his entire crew get slaughtered right in front of him before managing to escape the island.

I'm sure there were plenty of horrors during the journey to and back that made him an alcoholic.

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Kirito8/3/15 8:44am

That may be true, but that does raise questions about how he survived, unless he was a completely different person back then. Which is definitely plausible, I can see him being an average seafaring sailor.

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Prometheus8/3/15 9:49am

We don't really know when this took place. He was probably young, fit and headstrong when he went on the journey. He was probably no stranger to getting into fights and battles. Though, the journey to Logos must have been a one-of-a-kind trip for him. There's no way to know how he was able to get back home or how the crew died until he decides to [try and] retell the events to the group.

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