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RashallVetkay6/13/15 9:28pm
In this thread I'll be talking about the structure, both military and other, as well as beliefs and how some things with Rashall and his group are different from others.

*I will be adding to this in the comments of this thread as it's nearly 11pm where I live at the time of me writing this so I'm not going to write everything in one sitting lol*

**This will be covered in another installment.

Military structure:

"It was several months ago on a clear moonlit and starlit night just like this. I had the uneasy feeling that something bad was going to happen and then I heard it a gutteral roar, such as the ones our dragon friends can only make. In that instant I understood that I and my family were safe as the hunters were out and about looking out for us common folk." -Anduruna citizen of Margate district.

Hunter, Myst Stalker, Specter, Khan all of these are names given to the varying military units under Rashall and Jess' command. The leader of this military is of course Rashall, though he rather it be another with more experience he none the less leads his small pack in all manner of patrols and hunts and is thus noted to be the Khan, other names include Pack leader and Lord Commander though Rash simply prefers Khan. Rash has presiding command over all Sar-Naran forces in Anduruna, though he mainly leads the Specters themselves as he is quoted by Dimir as being the last true Khan of the Ouroboros.

Jess occupies a roll that has not been seen or heard of in a long time, that of Mistress of the Myst's. Jess being a sniper is the eye in the darkness that we all know is watching us and that we know will not hesitate to put us down with a single shot. Jess leads the Myst Stalkers a group of assassins and veteran scouts that stick to the sides, rear of the Specters ensuring that they do not get surrounded.

Myst Stalkers are said to be the ones that you truly need to fear as they are the true hunters. This is pure fantasy as all arms of this military are trained as hunters, Specters and Myst Stalkers and the other groups according to their differing roles.

Gunny SgT. Alverez leads the toughest ground troops ever known to Sar-Nara the fabled Ghost Helms. The Ghost Helms get there name from the Ethereal etchings in their helms that make them look like eerie skulls, or "ghosts." These troopers are the main line in that they are grunts first and foremost, but their job is much more than that. If ever you want a zone taken and held on to no matter the cost then the Ghost Helms are your troopers, the only time that they failed in this mission was at the defense of Sar-Nara a night that has forever stained the memory of all that were there. Suffice to say though the Ghost Helms have had a near flawless record becoming the Bulwark against those who would try to take their patch of ground from them.

Durith is the trainer of recruits, also referred to as New Bloods, though he shares this area with the others. Durith doesn't train new bloods as much as he teaches them, with the help of Dimir of course. History is important to Sar-Naran's and Durith has a very good memory of combat operations and tactics.

Chili is the coordinator of the flight/air wing, though recently she has lent herself over to would be assault units. Chili is not a natural born flyer, but she is the only one that can maintain the current fleet of skimmers and the two small copters** available to Rash's force.

Thanatos leads the elite guard, though still known as Specters they answer only to Rash and Jess but because Jess has elite Myst Stalkers to watch over her Thanatos' group tends to watch over Rash and Aurora and the many families that inhabit the compound.

All together this is a force to be reckoned with as all hunters are heavily trained in their differing fields, but they also train together ensuring that their movements are fluid and silent.

"The dark dreamkeepers and the nightmares that they help may think of themselves as the hunters, but rest assured they are the hunted."- Thanatos upon meeting Amber for the first time.

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RashallVetkay6/14/15 7:50pm

New Bloods: The new recruits of the pack, they are given menial tasks around the compound until their first hunt. The first hunt of a new blood generally occurs after one month and will determine if they become part of the rank and file. A new blood will normally be taken on a hunt by a Jäger, depending on if the Jäger's squad needs a new comrade.

Bloodied: The typical rank and file of Rash and Jess' forces bloodied units are trained to their limits making them much more effective in a fight than their Anduruna trooper counterparts. Bloodied troops are grouped into squads which are led by Jäger's, these squads will normally never change unless the need arises for a replacement.

Jäger's: Hunters plain and simple Jäger's have been given a command role under Rash. As stated above they lead groups of Bloodied on patrols and hunts, however it is not uncommon to see an entire squad of Jäger's though this is only if a HVT has been sighted and more experienced troops are needed.

Myst Stalkers: Myst Stalkers are those New Bloods that show potential in the form of working from the shadows. Usually Myst Stalker recruits are found in those that separate themselves from others for any sort of reason. These potential myst stalkers are normally approached by Jess as it is her duty to find and recruit these new bloods and make them feel a part of a pack. Myst Stalkers are the shadowed eyes of Rashall's group and are considered a very key element in the recon roll.

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RashallVetkay6/19/15 9:49pm
Break time, below are some quotes that I've made up for my Dreamkeepers, I hope they are entertaining lol.

"To become the light in the dark you must first come to terms that you are already dead. This is the true nature of the warrior as we have signed our lives away in order to protect those that we love and those that cannot fight for themselves. It is this that makes us the bane of our enemies for how is one supposed to fight that which is already dead? How does one fight a warrior that is both light and shadow? How do you fight a warrior that knows no fear, that knows no pain, that is trained to endure no matter his or her wounds? No one truly knows for none have ever survived long enough to tell the tale."- Warriors saying told to all New Bloods upon their entry.

"Find comfort in what you can hear and see, for it is what you cannot hear and cannot see that will give you fear in the end and then you'll be jumping at every shadow."- Jess talking to a group of Anduruna trooper recruits.

"Death will come for you, rest assured of that. However when it does come you will laugh and smile at it, you will look the enemy in the eye when they raise their sword/springer and you will laugh as loud as you can, or failing that simply smile. Let that sound that image be burnt into the deepest darkest corner's of their minds, let them know that even though they might kill you there and then that there are others out there that will find them and return the favor. Let them know that they have not won that victory is still far from their grasp. Further more let them fear that laugh that smile let the Nightmares be burned by it so much that when they are reborn in their stinking cesspool of a home that that is the sole thing they remember. Let them fear US, let them come again and again only to hear our death laughter."- Alverez speaking to New Bloods after entry exams.

"Where the springer fails the sword will prevail. Even though you may laugh at me and my swords and my knives, remember you can't hit what you can't see. Yes I know you have thermals, but remember a springer needs to be reloaded and a sword does not."- Rashall talking to and Anduruna squad leader on the importance of melee weapons.

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Kirito6/19/15 10:18pm
Alrighty, I'm gonna keep it short due to lack of keyboard (on mobile device at the moment).

A few questions:

Are you looking for your story to be canon?
How does Rash's military blend with Andurian's?
What are they fighting against/for?

Those were a few questions I had while reading through. As for content:

I definetly like the breaking up of the military into specialized sections. However, you describe both ranks and units. A problem arises because it looks like you tried to make ranks into units. Take Ghost Helms. The way you describe them is of a unit. Perhaps some clarification is in order there.

Over all I definetly enjoy the concept. I think that it needs just a bit more polishing and refinement in order to help the reader understand better.

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RashallVetkay6/19/15 10:20pm
Eh still working things out, not going to be the best thing ever, especially with it being midnight and my head switching from on thing to another while at the same time trying to think of many many more things lol.

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Kirito6/19/15 10:23pm
Hey, don't worry! All part of the creative process. I hope I helped ^w^

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RashallVetkay6/20/15 1:43pm
Some of the things you mentioned, their story and what are they fighting against/for, can be found in some character bios as well as the other long sequence I wrote before. Just keep in mind I will eventually cover these areas in more detail later down the road as I iron out where I want to go with this story lol.

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RashallVetkay5/15/16 11:35pm
Huge overhaul in progress with my ideas, after months of deciding on what to do I've decided to take my characters and place them elsewhere in the DK world. My character will also be changing from a dragon to a wolf, as much as I love dragons a wolf will do much better for me personally. And yes this means I'll be a bit more active on here as well.

Keep an eye out for the revisions!

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