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Subscribe to this thread Zootopia created by Prometheus on June 11, 2015

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CoolCoyote4/6/16 4:44pm
I imagine that is more or less due to movie writers not knowing how police actually opperate xD to be fair, neither do I. So if character A wants to blackmail character B into helping them with their police work, I say sure! It's completely legal! ;)

As for be honest, I'm kind of hoping it doesn't. The movie was surprisingly good. It avoided most TV tropes, the main characters were good but not to the point that they were unable to make realistic mistakes.

It was good and just fine as a stand alone film. And Im afraid Disney would only try to copy the film to milk it for all the money it can and make just a lower quality film the next go around. Which they often do.

I would rather have something to interact an rp muck or...some kind of game. XD

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Dawonguy4/6/16 6:31pm
Disney puts a lot of research and thought into their films, so I doubt that the writers watched a few episodes of NCIS and called it research. Now, it is only implied that the laws in Zootopia and the US are the same. Technically, laws in Zootopia could be different, but that would be a bit of a cop-out of Judy's infractions (pun intended). Don't get me wrong, she gets results and for the right purposes, but I don't think she would have wanted Chief Bogo watching.

These are the infractions I am talking about:
-Fabricating a scenario to circumvent the need for a search warrant (in addition to searching without a warrant when looking for the limo)
-Working with a crime boss to extract information (I'm letting the fact that she didn't even report the whereabouts of a crime boss slide considering the evidence would be inadmissible in court anyway)
-Taking a train while not being on duty
-I'm pretty sure that bouncing someone from Rodentia to the police HQ in a bouncy donut is not a legal arrest
-Parking ticket quotas are illegal in most states (this one is on chief Bogo)
-Potentially arresting Nick Wilde without evidence that he committed tax evasion (Judy was not in the system, so I'm trying to figure out exactly when she found Nick's tax form as I forget when we saw it in the movie)

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CoolCoyote4/6/16 10:49pm
Judy is either the best cop on the force or the worst xD

Actually my only concern would be *SPOILER* recruiting _______ at the end of the movie. Even if his species is ignored his shady hussling life style, and tax evassion, might raise a couple of redflags for the force to take him in.

Now as a consultant on forgery, theft, scam artists etc etc... ... ...probibly still would raise a few red flags xD

But that would have killed the overall theme and message of the movie, not to mention be a bit of a let down, if the heroes were not rewarded for their efforts at the end.

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Dawonguy4/7/16 7:28pm
Judy is the newest recruit after all, so mistakes here and there are to be expected. I kind of understand chief Bogo's decision to have Judy tend to the parking meters on her first day and give her something easy as it is her first day and she just moved in. Someone has to give out parking tickets after all, and why not the newest employee while the rest of the entire department is working on the case. However, given Judy's enthusiasm, I also get that she's eager to do stuff, and something about Bogo's response to Judy's request to work on the case did imply some prejudice.

Again, Zootopia could very well have it's own laws which are different from those in the US. Perhaps the whole ticket quota thing could actually have been included to show why ticket quotas are illegal, the reason being that officers would ticket people short by mere seconds more often when there aren't many offenders, leading to many pissed off civilians.

@CoolCoyote: I wonder how someone's parents would react to that new recruit.

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Kymastrider4/9/16 5:47pm
Right so weave rolled out that bugs, birds, reptile, and even tofu as viable food sources for Predators.

I wonder what the equivalent of Mcdonalds is, Todanolds? Where everything that would normally be beef would actually be made from Tofu, A Big Mac would actually be a ToMac.

Actually Bugdonalds and Bug Mac might work to. instead of ground Beef Patties it's ground Bug Patties.

But anyway what I really wanted to mention was someone on youtube made a parody video on the subject of what Predators eat, it's actually quite funny.

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Dawonguy4/10/16 9:58am
@Kymastrider: Yeah, in an interview, they pointed out that in some scenes there are boxes from a fast food place called Bugburga where animals can get insect-based food like bug burgers. Fish are unconfirmed according to the interview, but sushi isn't out of the question just yet.
Interview with the writer and director:

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WiseOwlReader4/20/16 6:38pm
I watched the movie twice. I absolutely loved it.

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Kymastrider5/9/16 12:23pm
Zootopia's story went though a lot of changes and alterations over the course of its development.

If anyone has read the Zootopia Artbook you should know that originally Zootopia had a much darker and more dystopic storyline where all the predators are forced to wear shock collars that electrocute them if they act too aggressively or excited, they cant even get excited at a football game without getting a jolt.

The original outline of the story was also very different, originally it was going to follow Nick Wilde being the owner of a secret underground theme park called Wilde Times, where predators could take off their shock collars and be themselves without fear of being persecuted by prey.

Another interesting change is there would have been a point in the film where Nick would have been imprisoned and would have made an escape through Little Rodentia with Judy chasing after him.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/cnyhmnwfpd5frikne7bd.jpg

Anyone who's seen the film know's that this scene largely remained intact through it was instead Judy chasing some shoplifting weasel.

Other interesting scenes is it would have gone into Nick's past rather than Judy's where it shows the neighborhood he grew up which was suppose to be a happy neighborhood for predators according to the prey that enslaved them, but it's not like that at all as it's dirty and full of crime. Nick would have had a much sadder childhood where him and his dad started a family business but somewhere down the line it doesn't work out.

There would have been other things where Judy hide's Nick in bunny burrow after he rescues her from falling off water fall and she takes his shock collar off.

It also had a very different climax that would have taken place at some yearly carnival event like Zootopia's version of the world's fair. Where it was suppose to celebrate the unity of all animals. I can't find the artwork for that right now but it would have been at night and had a parade with giant glowing animal floats, and ended with Nick and Judy running amok over a giant neon lit coliseum from whoever the bad guys were in this version of the story with fireworks overhead (probably would have been the vice major and sheep, who knows?)

There are quite afew characters, locals, and concepts that were in the artbook that didnt make it in the final version of the film

Here are afew more art pieces.

Also there are some fan comic's given us some more insight in this version of Zootopia's story.

I dont know who drew this one but it's based in Wild Times, where Nick is taking off a young predator's collar.

There's also this short comic by Rick Griffon that show's Nick waking up from this darker version of Zootopia like he was having a bad dream.

There's also some deleted footage on youtube, as well as some different voice actors playing certain character's like Finnick.

In the end I can sort of understand why the decided to tone it down abit, in the end it might have made the city of Zootopia come off as too unlikeable, and it makes you wonder what future would that leave the predators of this with this sort of oppression? Would they ever be allowed to have there shock collars removed?

But in the end what do you guy's think. Do you think Zootopia would have been any better if they had gone for this dark dystopic storyline?

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EngineerPearl05/9/16 1:20pm
I don't think it would be "better" per se, but I do think a lot of us would be interested in that story as well. It's a different story with a different focus, so I don't think it's easy to compare one to the other.

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Kymastrider7/8/16 4:41pm
Can someone explain to me what a Receipt of declared commerce is?

I've watched Zootopia so many times that I just have to know. I know it was one of the three things Judy tries to bust Nick for aside from selling food without a license and false advertising.

But then in the middle she says transporting commerce across ......... lines (I dont know what the middle word was) just out of curiosity did it have something to do with Finnick taking those popsicle sticks out of the recycling bin?

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Koreth8/1/16 10:20pm
The DVD drive in my computer is busted right now, so I can't verify, but I believe the word was "Borough". Think administrative district or subdivision of Zootopia. The word has had various uses through history, but the use in that scene seems analogous to how it's been used in the US, especially New York (See Wiki link)

As for the Receipt of Declared Commerce, sounds like paperwork needed to move goods across district lines, perhaps akin to those sales tax collection licenses seen posted in retail shops and restaurants. That there would be regulations involving transport and commerce of goods across district lines sounds plausible. I can think of two places where that might have been applicable. First, as you said Kymastrider, taking the popsicle sticks out of the recycle bin and then selling them to the mouse construction workers (perhaps the borough in question is Little Rodentia). Second, taking the melted popsicle juice to Tundratown to refreeze it, then back out again.

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Javelin8/10/16 6:59pm
I really wish they took their time extending the scene for Judy Hopps at the Police Training Academy along with the other trainees that were they're and for a few other scenes though other then that the movie was great :)

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Javelin8/22/16 9:37pm

these are just several lazy mistakes pixar and disney that severely flawed Zootopia.

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Kymastrider8/23/16 8:13pm

I don't think these mistakes severely flaw the film, a lot of really great films have tiny little mistakes like this that people overlook or the go by so quickly that you don't tend to notice them unless you're paying real close attention.

Even the days of traditional animation had it's fair share of mistakes and animation flaws.

Seriously no one other than the douchey Mcnitpicks really care about those tiny flaws though

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Javelin8/24/16 9:19am
I know, and sorry but I feel like I'm bringing too much comments like truth and opinions from the messed up part of my brain anytime I'm on the forum,
So... are the way things work around here is we have to keep every person in mind when making a comment so no one else is bothered?

It's a price I have to pay if everyone is turned away by my thoughts maybe I can learn off of other normal people on this forum you know if I make an error in socializing and someone else jumps in and corrects me with disapproval of my harsh behavior and set me strait.

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