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Dreamkeepers Forums - What year did each Dreamkeepers Volume come out?

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Subscribe to this thread What year did each Dreamkeepers Volume come out? created by Kymastrider on May 31, 2015

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Kymastrider5/31/15 8:55am
Volume 1, 2006

Volume 2, 2008

Volume 3, 2012

Volume 4, 2015

(Edited) Got it Kirito, I figured knowing when each Volume came out would give us a better idea of how long the Development of anew Volume takes.

I suppose another interesting question would relate to the Prelude collection 1 book, That came out in 2013 what all is inside it?

I know Dave mentioned it contains the first 3 Mace & Whip story Arcs, and the first 3 Lilith and Namah Story Arcs.

But the book is suppose to be 280 pages long, and the last Lilith and Namah story ends at page 229, So whats in the last 51 pages, bonus stuff?

I never got a chance to own the prelude collection since I joined the DK fandom after the fire at Dave and Liz's old apartment.

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Kirito5/31/15 9:42am
Volume one was published on January First, 2006, and volume two was published on January First, 2008.

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FoxBrethren5/31/15 11:18am
And I would use the gap between one and two as well as between three and four as the best indicators. From what I read there were a lot of things that slowed down his production for volume three.

As for the Prelude Collection question. The other pages are splash pages for between arcs, some of the seasonal stories from Halloween and Christmas, a cast page and the usual extra info that they like to add into the back of the books. So yes, the other pages are extras.

Edit: And hopefully by the end of this Kickstarter you'll be able to get a copy, Kymastrider, I'm really hoping they get to print it out again.

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Kymastrider5/31/15 3:04pm
So in regards to an older post Kirito, I feel at this rate we probably wont see another prelude collection till sometime after the next Vanth and Bast arc, I have the feeling the next prelude is going to be (two mace whip, two vanth bast, and two Lilith namah)

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Kobalt955/31/15 3:23pm
I'm betting that Prelude Collection 2 will come out either before or after Volume 6, at the rate the Prelude arcs are completed.

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Kymastrider7/14/15 4:51pm
So when did the prelude webcomic first launch? and was it before or after the first volume of the GNS?

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Kirito7/22/15 8:28pm
March 10, 2007 was the date of publication for the first Prelude page. This occured while volume two was still in production. Hope this helped :^)

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