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Subscribe to this thread Bast Costume created by FoxBrethren on May 27, 2015

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FoxBrethren5/27/15 1:47am
I don't usually create threads but I wanted to share this now that I decided to be an active member of the forum. Most of you might have seen this in at least one pic that Dave shared, but I actually had made a cosplay of Bast almost 2 years ago now. My roommate and I made the entire thing for less than $200 (As the full price eludes me after these years I think that's the right estimate). We made it by hand and it may look a bit rough, part of the reason is that other than lack of funds, we made it in less than 2 months time. Why such a short time frame? Because that was when I decided to go to DragonCon in 2013. I'd never been to a convention before and wanted to make a splash.

The thing about this is, I'd never really been interested in conventions and had I not discovered Dreamkeepers a couple months prior, I still would not have gone. Fate obviously had other plans as I not only had discovered Dreamkeepers but took note that the creators would be attending a convention mere miles away from where I live. Funny thing is there were actors and artists for different things I enjoy, but I went specifically to meet David and Liz. It was an amazing experience, both the con itself and meeting the Lillies.

One day I hope to refine the costume so it looks a lot better, but for now I figured I'd enjoy sharing a couple of pictures with the world. I really wasn't sure if this belonged in the Art Gallery or the LOOKIT THIS sections but I consider costuming art so I decided to post the thread here.

I've made you suffer my ramblings enough so here are the pics I've uploaded:

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures as they were taken on cellphones.

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MobileCrusader5/27/15 11:37am
Awesome! So you are the one. I made a Namah cosplay last year for $100 that turned out decent. There's a thread here on the forums. I'll see if I can find it.

You have been a very respected and mysterious member of the fandom since as long as I've been here.

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MobileCrusader5/27/15 11:39am
There's the thread of my outfit.

Its got nothing on yours though.

How many times have you worn it?

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FoxBrethren5/27/15 11:50am
Respected and mysterious? I'm both flattered and embarrassed.

I've honestly only worn it twice. First time for DragonCon and later that Halloween. Unfortunately I couldn't get last Halloween off to wear it again.

I still have plans to make an improved version of the head and tail at some point... and one day when I can afford it, go to some other conventions maybe.

Hey if you can think of other reasons/excuses to wear it, I'm all ears.

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Kirito5/27/15 5:24pm
Very cool! I love it, very creative. You could definetly wear it wherever, I think (fur meets, cons, Halloween, etc). Props to you!

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MobileCrusader5/27/15 6:52pm
I have only worn mine once, so I understand. I've got no idea what context it could be used in outside of cons and holiday.

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FoxBrethren5/27/15 8:46pm
The funny thing is, all I have to do is get another shirt and sew on the lighter grey and I could wear the pants and scarf as just every day out and about type clothing. I think I'd pull it off really well too, red seems to be a color that looks good on me. Though a scarf would probably look weird in the summer and/or cause heat stroke if worn incorrectly.

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Kirito5/27/15 8:53pm
Nah, I live in Florida and wear a jacket and jeans through the summer. You could get away with a scarf.

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FoxBrethren5/27/15 9:13pm
I suppose so, especially if I wear it loosely like how Bast seems to do it.

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