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Subscribe to this thread Cuddles or Vincent? created by Kymastrider on May 26, 2015

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Kymastrider6/28/15 3:23pm
I dunno, ferrets have more of that cuteness and snuggliness of a cat, but there also super energenic and playful like a dog, I always thought of them as a best of both worths sort of pet, also I really hate dogs.

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Kirito6/28/15 3:42pm

lol, personal preference aside, I think they would make good pets for cat lovers. They definetly don't have the playfullnes of dogs, but are more so then cats. They do act like cats, with their walk and dominance. I think they're way closer to cats then dogs.

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Kymastrider6/28/15 3:50pm
no parallel to ferrets? I was discussing with a friend and we agreed that a ferret would probably be the closet thing to a Ryu-neko in real life. After all they still have a lot of behavior patterns that don't really match a cat, like when you consider illegal ryu-neko pit fights. And of course wild Ryu-nekos have a ferocity that house cats or even feral cats don't have. If you ever watch ferret videos on youtube I believe that's closer to how a Ryu-neko would act, also I don't think they have anything in andaruna that would qualify as a dog unless someone wants to ask dave about that, but I think a Ryu-neko depending on what element you get can be just about the all around anyones pet.

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FoxPhantom6/28/15 9:58pm
Personally, I think the Ryuu neko is cute being called Cuddles ^^

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Kirito6/29/15 1:16pm
I think that's a fair analysis, Kyma. I think they're a mixture of cats and ferrets.

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Kymastrider6/29/15 1:33pm
I also forgot to mention you can take a Ryu-neko out on a walk and they can be used to track down Lilith on the middle of the woods, again not something you can teach a house cat to do.

also according to Lilith in the prelude they can be taught dog tricks like rolling over and shaking hands, again not something a house cat can do.

If you read over the Ryu-neko page of the site they don't really sound to me like the have that much in common with house cats, if anything.

By the sounds of it they can fit a variety of purposes and know many tricks that from what I know you cannot teach a cat.

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FoxBrethren6/29/15 2:12pm
My cats learned some tricks so I disagree on the ability to train housecats, though i know its more difficult. I won't deny that they have other characteristics but there is a distinctly feline behavior pattern showcased in a variety of ryuu-neko images. The most doglike I've seen them be is when Cuddles/Vincent enthusiastically greeted Lilith in volume 3

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NatChon6/30/15 12:42am
I agree, although it is hard it is possible. That being said, they could be part cat and part ferret. Like a lot of other characters they aren't limited to being similar to just one animal. Like Igrath, part bear and I think hawk.

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Kymastrider6/30/15 5:17am
technically the word (Ryu-neko) literally means (dragon-cat)

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Kirito6/30/15 7:04am
Which is why the reasoning for ferret behavior was difficult to justify.

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NatChon6/30/15 10:56am
That would explain the way they look. Cat features but long like a dragon.

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NatChon10/26/15 9:04pm
That also explains why the fire and water ryuu-neko can breathe fire and water, respectively. The others I am having a hard time finding a relationship between them and a dragon, but the cat features, no problem. The brown is lazy like cats, the green is friendly like some cats, the yellow is ok with having you around as long as you don't touch them, the blue is friendly like some cats, the red has a bad temper like some cats, The dark is mischievous like most cats, and the air is those rare breeds that not many people see in their lifetime.

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NatChon10/26/15 9:09pm
Like these

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