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Subscribe to this thread Meet the Violinist created by Aman3712 on May 22, 2015

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Aman37125/22/15 5:43am
Name: Vincent Niccolo

Age: 24

Gender: male

Height: 5’11”

Power: Misfortune Inducement - Vincent can cause other people to have accidents, misfortune or other bad luck. Being a violinist and a great singer, he enjoys using his powers in combination with his talents.

District: The Margate District

Affiliation: Neutral Good

Motive: To live free and to bring entertainment and enlightenment to people.

Appearance: Vincent Niccolo is a dark blue cat with purple eyes and two long tails. He has digitigrade legs and his body is both slender and firm. Vincent wears a dark blue tuxedo as well as a lace ascot, black shoes, white formal gloves, and a purple cape.

Traits: Poetic and charming, Vincent is a keeper of few words. When he sings, however, his voice can only be described as magnificent. Being a skilled violinist, Vincent greatly values his beloved instrument, a violin that originally belonged to his mother. Vincent is polite, clever, and often level-headed. Although he can be a bit of a narcissist at times, Vincent is never afraid to humbly admit his faults. Being a loner for most of his life, Vincent can also be socially awkward around large crowds or groups. Although he is not a fan of violence, Vincent is willing to defend himself only when necessary.

Bio: A poet. A violinist. A gentleman. All of these words would indeed describe Vincent Niccolo, a charming yet mysterious loner who roams the streets of Anduruna, soothing the hearts of those who seek entertainment and enlightenment with his performances. When he was young, Vincent had a keen interest in music, for his mother was an extraordinary violinist known as the ‘Heavenly Maiden’. Dreaming to become as skilled as she was, Vincent began practising the violin and, in time, surpassed all of his classmates in his music lessons. However, at the age of eight, tragedy would strike the young violinist when his mother was reportedly attacked by some kind of ‘monster’ and was reduced to a vegetative state. Deeply heartbroken, Vincent attempted to play his mother’s violin next to her bed in a desperate attempt to bring her out of her mindless state. But as Vincent was performing to his mother, his mouth dropped when he saw his mother’s mouth form into a smile. From that very moment, Vincent was inspired to make use of his talents. As years went by, Vincent became well known for his countless performances and his brilliant skills at violin playing.

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