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Subscribe to this thread Hardest-Video Game you've ever played created by Kymastrider on May 20, 2015

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origamifan11/26/15 6:10pm
The hardest game I've ever played is dark souls 2. I haven't played dark souls 1 or demon souls, but to what I've heard, they are even harder.

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Javelin11/26/15 10:48pm

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Lycanphoenix11/27/15 1:11am
Super Hexagon

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TheDeadlyFB11/27/15 5:27am
Mine would probably be GodHand. For those who never heard of it, imagine a game like Final Fight or Double Dragon, but on PS2, with a camera and controls similar to Resident Evil (as in, behind the character with tank like controls.) Pretty fun and solid game, and one of the only I know that gets harder the better you are at it.

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Prometheus11/27/15 11:11am
The Metal Gear Solid series. Stealth games that require such a level of patience and skill as the MGS trilogy is way beyond my level. Still played the entries I have, though, and completed them.

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RemarkablyAverage11/27/15 2:38pm
MGS series has some of my all time favorites for sure.

Though, I have to say the hardest for me has been the monster hunter series.
The early stages of the games has been made easier in the more recent editions, but the endgame content is still quite a challenge.

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Hakuzo11/28/15 12:02pm
Oh where to begin. Let's kick it off oldschool.

Back in the day ghouls and ghosts for sega Genesis was one of the hardest games ever to play. To this day I've yet to beat it and I've been playing since 1990s.

As time moves on there has been numerous games to come out. An independent game called cat Marko is designed to be very dang hard.

Dark souls was also very hard as well, from the little bit I played of it.

Heck a lot of the old gen games are harder than most games today. And I grew up on 8bit.

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FoxPhantom11/29/15 8:52pm
Angry video game nerd the game.
That one is hard. Like it's fun but that alone is on purpose hard. X3
with bring out the old tricks used on the NES

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Hakuzo11/30/15 12:55pm
The lion king for sega Genesis is dang hard too. I think the highest I made is the elephant graveyard.

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MobileCrusader12/3/15 9:14pm
@Hakuzo I had that game growing up. It was murder trying to beat that game as a kid. Most 2-d platform games from that era are insanely hard.

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Animefan1812/4/15 7:46pm
Castlevania Dracula X (SNES)

back then it was difficult when I was a wee lad, the first few bosses weren't that bad but later on the levels get more difficult and bosses will have something up their sleeve.

Evil Within

the more difficult, the less ammo you get and the more health you lose. dare to try the assignment dlc's?

Alien: Isolation

no matter what difficulty you choose it is automatically Nightmare mode once the alien comes

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MobileCrusader12/5/15 8:36am
The first play through of Last of us on the realism mode is murder too. Much like the evil within.

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Hakuzo12/5/15 7:03pm
Aliens 3 for Genesis is hard too ><....

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