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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeepers Fact's, Tidbits, behind the scenes stuff, and what you didnt know. created by Kymastrider on May 15, 2015

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Kirito6/19/15 7:56pm
We have a great discussion about dreamkeeper orientation here;

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Kymastrider6/20/15 7:26am
Fixed the video Link

But Lo and Behold the Ultimate Behind the scenes video about the secret origins of Dreamkeepers.

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Dawonguy11/9/15 6:21pm
UHG I can't believe I didn't realize this sooner. The Calah family in the DK world is the human world equivalent of the Clinton family, and politics aside, this prelude page is all the proof I need:

First off, there's no secret that Rick Zinger is only an allusion to Bob Ross. Even though Rehab Rick in the prelude is nowhere near the calm and mellow Bob Ross, keep in mind that Bob Ross served 20 years in the military, so given that DKs can still vary from their human counterparts, it's very possible for both to have used different methods of dealing with any post-military stress, Rick channeling it full throttle on his paintings while Bob uses painting as a means to relax (and taking out stress by "beating the devil out of the paint brush" when cleaning said brushes).

With that established, we now have a time where the Calah family was in office as well as the USA being a more confirmed counterpart to the DK world as Bob aired in the US. Now, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross ran from 1983 to 1994. Using that information, we can make a short list of US presidents who were in office at that time, and the only one who has only one daughter (not counting Namah because she's hidden from the public) is Bill Clinton.

Now if this is all true, then I think some predictions can be made, but before I jump to conclusions, what do you guys think?

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Dawonguy11/10/15 5:24pm
Okay, I know that I said I wouldn't jump to conclusions, but I think there might be something else that could confirm my theory. Alright, so if Viscount Calah is Bill Clinton, then Lilith would have to be the DK counterpart to Chelsea Clinton. After doing some research (wikipedia), Chelsea Clinton skipped the third grade, went to college at Stanford University, majored in history, and graduated with "highest honors". That sounds a lot like Lilith given that we know she's very smart, a good student, and has a fondness for history that can be seen here:

This all can't be a coincidence can it?

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