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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeeper Appearances/Animal Species/ and Whats, What? created by Kymastrider on May 13, 2015

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Kymastrider5/13/15 10:25am
I thought it would be fun to discuss the different appearances of the different Dreamkeeper's, and what animal species they all remind us of. Some are incredibly obvious like Vanth, others not so much Like Wisp, and there are ones that look like one animal but have the Tail of a completely different animal.

When anyone first sees Mace there first impression is something like a taddy cat, however I've taken notice that his tail is more akin to that of a fox's tail.

Whip on the other hand is a-bit more identifiable, he looks to me like a blue flying kangaroo rat with some rabbit features.

Anyone else want to take guesses on what certain Dreamkeepers look like or remind you of?

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Kobalt955/13/15 12:52pm
I think Mace seems like a Cat/Raccoon/Fox mix.

For Bast, I think he would be a Wolf/Raccoon/Badger mix.

For Lilith, she looks just like a Cat.

Namah is wholly original, and has the appearance of an impish demon crossed with a bit of gecko.

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Kirito5/13/15 4:42pm
Evzen seems like a dragon/shark/sea monster kind of mixture. I agree with Kobalt's speculation for Lilitth, and Namah. Mace I think is definetly over fifty percent cat, with some fox mixed in. He doesn't really have any Raccoon or Badger features.

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Prometheus5/13/15 9:14pm
I really hope we get to see who Namah's mother was. Considering that Lilith retained her father's genes, it would be interesting to see who Namah's bio mother looked like.

Speaking of the Calah family, looking at Igrath, it would appear he's a feline-avian hybrid. Possibly a gryphon of sorts. He has the beak and wings, but also has cat ears, claws, and paws.

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Kymastrider5/13/15 10:38pm
I have noticed that some DK can look more animal than others, while others can look more human than some.

I'm curious to what Wisp is suppose to be, she has the tail and ears of a fox, and the wings of a bat.

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Kymastrider6/20/15 7:25am
I have a concluded that Namah's appearance is suppose to be a mix between a dragon and a gecko.

If you watch this video, it shows several design sheets for Namah, one of her original deisgn sheets was purely dragon (5:15)

while another is purely gecko (5:18)

You can see overtime Dave sort of infused both designs onto Namah.

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Alej6/20/15 7:28am
Wisp seems to be 30% feline\canine and 70% bat, at least to me.

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Digitigraderobo6/20/15 7:07pm
Vi is interesting in that her ears have the openings facing backwards, rather than forwards. I don't know of any animals with ears like that...

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Alej6/20/15 7:26pm
... cats?

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Digitigraderobo6/20/15 8:07pm
I think cats ears face more sideways with the openings facing away from each other, but the openings on Vi's ears are usually facing inwards toward each other, or fully backwards.

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Kirito6/20/15 8:09pm
I thought Vi was a rabbit.

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Alej6/20/15 8:09pm
I think Vi is skunk-cat-rabbit. nuff said.

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