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Subscribe to this thread How has Dreamkeepers changed your life? created by Kymastrider on May 9, 2015

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Kymastrider5/9/15 9:07pm
I originally heard of Dreamkeepers from Lord-Kiyo at Deviantart, since he drew a lot of Dreamkeepers fanart. I wasn't really into Dreamkeepers at first, but I think it was Augest of last year I finally decided to check out and see what Dreamkeepers really was.

I was just zooming through the prelude, I had Lord-Kiyo draw my fan DK character, and I took it upon myself to order the first two signed volumes, I probably waited for over a month for them to finally arrive. The day I finally opened that mail box and was greated by a parcel with an all to familiar Lilith and Namah postage label is a day I will treasure for the rest of my life.

As is the moment I lounged upon my couch and sipped upon a cup of hot tea as I flipped to the first page to read a humble introduction by our creator Dave. I read through the first two volumes within the first day they arrived, I just could not put it down. To date it's probably the only comic I've bothered to read more then one time, and it only gets better the more I reread is as each panel is just blossoming with detail. I always discover something I never noticed the first time.

Those atleast are my recollection of the first time I discovered Dreamkeepers for myself, It's really given me something to look forward to for the next few years, and how ironic that Volume 4 should arrive to us in August, roughly one year since I first became a Dreamkeepers fan.

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BryanDimmsdale5/9/15 11:11pm
"How has DK changed your life?" Wow, that's deep, man.

Umm...I think I'll get back to you at that one. Mine might be really long; it's kinda like a short bibliography already.

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FoxPhantom6/30/15 9:04pm
How it's changed my life is simple.
Meeting so many people who are very awesome, along with artists who are good at there craft. In so many ways it has inspired me to keep drawing and to improve further with the artists who are already excellent at what they do.
The other is that I look forward for each volume.
And to see more fan art. XD

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Graystripe778/8/15 9:33pm
It turned me into a gay furry.

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MobileCrusader8/9/15 9:45am
@Graystripe kek

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Tari8/12/15 7:29pm
^ truestory.jpg

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PotatoFox8/19/15 2:26pm
It turned me into the guardian of a load of internet numpties

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Kirito8/19/15 3:07pm
I guess it turned me into an internet numpty then \_(0~0)_/

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Edwardteach8/26/15 3:39pm
It gave me new friends and the ability to make awesome stories with awesome people.

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DanWithTheHat8/31/15 9:13pm
@PotatoFox: It changed you WAY more than that.... ;P ;P ;P

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PotatoFox9/1/15 3:38am
@DWTH I have absolutely no idea what you are on about at all whatsoever

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Lycanphoenix10/13/15 9:37pm
In the short term? It has affected my dreams, and I am considering adding it to the list of symptoms of Dreamkeeper addiction.

In the long term, only time will tell; my introduction to the WipEout franchise has affected my life on ways you couldn't even imagine, and if I had never discovered that Racing Game in 2011 then I probably wouldn't be here now discussing how Dreamkeepers has also affected my life.

- - - -

Edit: Because of Dreamkeepers, I met Hakuzo.

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AFox3/6/16 8:01pm
It unseated The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as my favorite non-DC non-Marvel series, which effectively made it one of my favorite series...which isn't that easy because I read a lot of comics.

On a couple other notes, it's proven to be a great series, and given me inspiration myself for how to approach Death Valet, a series I'm trying to develop myself (especially in the idea of trying to flesh out a world) and on another note the series also lead me to Dave's blog and Youtube channel, where I heard/read some stuff of his that itself was a good inspiration.

When I first heard of the series, it was through an ad I saw on Keenspot one day, that just showed Lilith using her power...I don't know for sure if the ad's still on the site, but to this day, taking the time to see what comic that very ad was referring to was a very wise decision :)

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Ferrous3/23/16 9:34am
When I first encountered Dreamkeepers, I was a foolish, young, dumb and moronic college student who wondered why he should pay for this comic when they had a perfectly good free webcomic available.

Then I read the webcomic, and I wanted more. Oh so much more.

It spoke to me.

No, not literally.
But for me, the important thing was that there were others like me out there, seeing the same things I was seeing, laughing about it grimly and holding a mirror up to society as best we can.

It helped that the art was phenomenal and the story was jolly well entertaining.

Marcus Aurelius once said that "The goal of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." For me, Dreamkeepers was my escape. I'm glad to be here, glad to meet all of you, and I want to see where this ride's going.

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Kafelnikov4/7/16 5:44pm
It seems pretty obvious for those that know me, but DK literally did change my life. It awakened a creative spark that got me to start writing, and now I'm publishing the first official DK written novel.

Of course, what matters isn't the book, but what it taught me. It's been a journey of self-discovery that has forever changed the way I view my life and how I want to live it. I don't know where I'd be today if I hadn't found Dreamkeepers, but I do know that my life is so much more rich because of it. I wouldn't trade that away for anything else in the world.

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