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Subscribe to this thread Where they came from and a legend of hope. created by RashallVetkay on May 7, 2015

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RashallVetkay5/7/15 10:25pm
Still thinking about the edit. . .

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Aman37125/22/15 5:41am

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RashallVetkay5/22/15 1:01pm
I swear I don't write books lol.

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Kirito5/26/15 6:35pm
Excellent concept, Rashall. Have you ever heard about the Lost Boys of Sudan? The Great Wandering you describe is very similar. I highly recommend you pursue a novel or novella to expand upon it. If you ever need an editor, drop a line. I'd be glad to help anyone's creative pursuits!

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RashallVetkay5/27/15 12:37pm
Thanks Kit and sorry for any spelling mistakes seen, but I tend to have the ideas in my head at 12am lol.

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Kirito5/27/15 6:26pm
No that wasn't a jab at your grammar or spelling at all! Just offering my help if you want it. :-)

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RashallVetkay6/13/15 9:53am
To lazy to revise, but Jess' spectral lines are an eerie emerald green rather than Rash's blue.

Also is anyone here still interested in my "stories?" I just wanted to ask before making yet another thread in this section. I don't want to make it seem like I'm flooding this section with my stuff, but I've never really connected with a story and world like DK and I have a lot of content in my head that I like to write down. So I'm sorry if it seems like I'm taking over this section I don't mean it :s

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Kirito6/13/15 11:55am
Nah go for it.

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