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Subscribe to this thread The Troika RP created by Kymastrider on May 7, 2015

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Kymastrider5/7/15 7:38am
I've been holding off wanting to participate in more then one RP at one time since I'm a slow learner and don't want to feel overwhelmed, but I've noticd quite afew others participate in multyple RP's

I've been considering an RP which starts with a goup being recruited by the Troika then perform intense training at there HQ meeting the others, then going on dangerous mission in andaruna. And to ancient ruins to fight nightmares

The problem is I'm not very good with coming up with ideas so Id need like a lot of help coming up with a lot of the storys or ill just put it on the back burner and forget about it forever, I'm sueper lazy like that.

Also I wanted to wait till after vol 4 is released before starting this RP since more about the troika will be revealed then, and I want to know as much about the troika as possible before starting.

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Aman37125/7/15 4:01pm
Hell. Yes XD

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Edwardteach5/7/15 4:34pm
That sounds interesting

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CoolCoyote5/7/15 4:43pm
...what is a troika XD

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Kirito5/7/15 6:31pm
A troika is a set of three. I asked Dave about it a while ago. He said it's because three people founded it.

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Edwardteach5/7/15 6:36pm
so are they an elite squad of shocks?

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Aman37125/8/15 6:26am
I thought they were a rebel organization, if I recall.

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Kymastrider5/8/15 3:21pm
*sign8 if you've read all the way through Volume 3, you should have a good idea, if you haven't (SPOILER ALERT) for those who are waiting for the Volume 3 pages to appear on the website.

The Troika is a secret army created by Nainso, in cooperation with Igrath, and Scinter. It's isn't explained how the Troika are formed but I imagine it had something to do with suspicion about corruption within the Anduruna government.

This has yet to be comfirmed but I believe there headquarter's is hidden within the Cliffs of Ekklesia as suggested by an X on a map in the beginning of Volume 3.

The fund's for the army are secretly gathered through the illegal sale's of Scinter's Mark Fermentae (and also I speculate with connections through the bandit guild's within and outside the city boarders)

They recruit there new member's through a rough interviewing process in which they later ambush the candidates via a fake shocktrooper arrest, and then taken to an undisclosed location to scare the shit out of the so candidate's by making them believe there be imprisoned for life (this of course is done to try and figure out what there true motives are so is to be sure there not spies, im still not entirely sure how the recruitment process as a whole work's myself.

These page's have yet to be uploaded to the website but they have a huge headquarter's in an undisclosed location where they train new recruits, the main purpose of the Troika is to fight the nightmare's whenever they decide to show up, as well as defend the people of Anduruna from the nightmare horde's when and if they decide to invate as the citizen's who don't know how to use there powers are completely unaware that they are in grave danger. I also believe they also go out beyond Anduruna's boarders on missions to find evidence of nightmare's as well as nightmare search and destroy missions but even that is spectulation at this point.

There is also a badge sheet for each member of the troika to keep track of there powers on the field.

I sort of wanted to wait until after Volume 4 is released before I started this RP since there is going to be a lot more information about the Troika revealed in that volume, and volume 3 ends just as we lick the surface of the Troika, but of any feels were comfident on enough information to start or if someone want's to point out something I missed let me know.

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Kymastrider5/20/15 3:14pm
Well this RP's still In it's planning stages at the moment, but since it looks like we wont be getting our hands on Volume 4 till late September at the very least, I think it would be safe to start early, assuming we have enough facts to work with.

We know the troika have a teleportation grid all across Anduruna, and I have made a guess that there main base of operations is in the cliffs of Ekklesia based on a map from the physical copy of volume 3.

If you have read Volume 3 already you should have some idea of what there HQ is like based on the last group of pages on that said volume, if you haven't and are just waiting for it to update on the site its probably going to be another couple weeks before those pages are made viewable.

There is also the Troika power chart, every member wears a patch based on this chart to let each other know what there powers are.

I have the feeling the opening of this RP is going to start with a group of newly recruit young Troika at there main HQ for basic training, there's probably going to be a part of the story about the rookies training, followed by them being sent out on there first mission.

I'm not launching it anytime soon, but if anyone wants to get in on the action it's probably a good time to know, im going to need to know who's going to be one of the trainies, and whos going to have the higher position of command (I would probably leave it to someone who might know more about the Troika, assuming there is somebody.

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Aman37125/20/15 3:26pm
I already know which character to use for this RP XD

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Edwardteach5/20/15 3:45pm
I will still be ed but with my power

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Javelin9/17/15 4:29pm
May I tag along you'll always need a maniac in a bulky trench coat carrying spirits knows what :)

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Kymastrider9/17/15 5:45pm
I think this RP has pretty much worked it's way into Part down on Talocan's story, so you should probably discuss it at that headless room.

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Javelin9/18/15 4:09pm

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Aman37129/18/15 5:40pm
That's a shame

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