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Subscribe to this thread So the nightmares win... created by crazyhead42 on May 2, 2015

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Kirito9/20/15 7:37am

I like to think of the Nightmare/Dreamkeeper relationship as a Ying/Yang one. The nightmares only exist to hunt and kill Dreamkeepers, and the Dreamkeepers exist only to protect their human counterpart from Nightmares. Could it be that if Nightmares are destroyed, Dreamkeepers in turn cease to exist?

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BryanDimmsdale9/20/15 5:09pm

I don't think so. They will still exist, history kinda proved it. No nightmares bothering and killing them, life still goes on. As a matter of fact, because of nightmares' disappearance (as well as other conflicts that happened and were solved), they were able to progress and develop.

What's ying/yang should be human = dreamkeeper. Like Dave said, nightmares should not exist.

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Kirito9/20/15 5:42pm

Going off your first point- yes, the Dreamkeepers weren't bothered, but that doesn't mean nightmares didn't exist.

The only reason Dreamkeepers or Nightmares exist is because of humans, I suppose. But if Humans no longer needed protection from Nightmares, what use would they have for Dreamkeepers?

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BryanDimmsdale9/27/15 8:21am
I don't know, the yin-yang theory doesn't always work. Not everything has karma or reaction on everything. Sometimes, it makes no sense, for example the different phases of the moon, the invention of mirror, or kids being bullied for no negative reason.

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ezioauditore9710/23/15 5:33pm
Yeah I kind of agree. The Dreamkeepers and Nightmares could certainly live without one another although having the Dreamkeepers possessing powers to "fend off nightmares" is interesting although bear in mind they'd possibly have developed them on their own. Who can say?

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Lycanphoenix10/24/15 10:57am
Possibility 0:
Dreamkeepers already had powers, and the nightmares went to the Dreamworld to kill and stayed for the challenge.

Possibility 1:
Dreamkeepers developed powers as a sort of 'survival adaptation' after nightmares arrived, that or A-Certain-Somebody gave them powers when Void and Nabonidus showed up.

Possibility 2:
A quantum-mechanical variation of the Ying/Yang theory, where it is not entirely sure which is the Ying and which is the Yang at any given moment, and the outcome is always uncertain.

Possibility 3:
David's Plot Vault is having a 24/7 breakfast special this week.

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